Regular Programmes (2014-2015)

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5 Year Integrated Programmes

Subject Offered By the Department of/Centre for Eligibility Course Brochure
M.A.  History HistoryPlus Two or Equivalent
M. Sc.  Bioinformatics BioinformaticsPlus two or equivalent with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science/Biology
M. Sc.  Biomedical Science Biomedical SciencePlus Two or Equivalent with Biology / Botany & Zoology as principal subjects and with adequate knowledge in Chemistry and Physics
M. Sc.  Life Sciences Life SciencesPlus Two or Pre-degree of the State Board/ 12th Standard of CBSE, with Biology/Botany & Zoology, Physics and Chemistry as the subjects
M. Sc.  Media and CommunicationEducational TechnologyPlus Two or Equivalent (Any Group)
M. Sc GeographyGeographyPlus Two or Equivalent (Any Group) Course Brochure [pdf]

Under Graduate Programmes

Subject Offered By the Department of/Centre for Eligibility
B.P.Ed. Physical EducationPhysical EducationAny undergraduate degree. Admission shall be made on the basis of marks obtained in the Proficiency test, Physical Fitness Test and marks obtained in the qualifying examination.

UG/PG Programmes

Subject Offered By the Department of/Centre for Duration
M.A. TamilTamil2 years
M.A. English StudiesEnglish2 years
M.A. Journalism and Mass CommunicationEnglish2 years
M.A. Comparative Literature and Translation StudiesEnglish2 years
M.A. HistoryHistory2 years
M.A. SociologySociology2 years
M.A. EconomicsEconomics2 years
M.A. Gender studiesWomen's Studies2 years
M.A. Human Resource ManagementLife Long Learning2 years
M.A. Inclusive DevelopmentCentre for study Social Exclusion and inclusive policy2 years
M.B.A. Financial ManagementCommerce and Financial Studies2 years
M.B.A. Environmental ManagementEnvironmental Management2 years
M.B.A. Hospital ManagementBiomedical Science2Years
M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications)Computer Science3 years
M.Ed. Educational TechnologyEducational Technology1 year
M.LISc. Master of Library and Information ScienceLibrary2 years
M.P.A. Classical MusicPerforming Arts2 Years
M.P.A. Folk DancePerforming Arts2 years
M.P.A. Classical DancePerforming Arts2 Years
M.P.A. Drama and Theatre ArtPerforming Arts2 Years
M.P.A. Visual ArtPerforming Arts2 Years
M.S.W. Social Work (Specialization CD, HRM and CLSW)Social Work2 years
M.Sc. PhysicsPhysics2 years
M.Sc. ChemistryChemistry2 years
M.Sc. MathematicsMathematics2 years
M.Sc. Statistics (with Computer Applications)Statistics2 Years
M.Sc. BiotechnologyBiotechnology and Genetic Engineering2 years
M.Sc. Industrial BiotechnologyIndustrial Biotechnology2 years
M.Sc. Environmental Science & TechnologyEnvironmental Biotechnology2 years
M.Sc. Marine BiotechnologyMarine Biotechnology2 years
M.Sc. Marine ScienceMarine Science2 years
M.Sc. MicrobiologyMicrobiology2 years
M.Sc. Animal-BiotechnologyAnimal Science2 years
M.Sc. BotanyPlant Science2 years
M.Sc. Biodiversity and BioprospectingPlant Science2 Years
M.Sc. Medical PhysicsPhysics2 years
M.Sc. BiochemistryBiochemistry2 years
M.Sc. BioinformaticsBioinformatics2 years
M.Sc. GeologyGeology2 years
M.Sc. Fashion TechnologyWomen Studies2 years
M.Tech GeoinformaticsGeography2 years
M.Tech Geological Remote Sensing and Geo-informaticsCentre for Remote Sensing2 years
M.Tech Information TechnologyComputer Science2 years
M.Tech Geographic Information (GI)Geology2 years

PG Diploma Programmes

Subject Offered By the Department of/Centre for Duration
Educational Administration (Part-Time) Educational Technology1 year
E-Learning (Part-Time) Educational Technology1 year
Yoga (Part time) Physical Education1 year
Fitness Management (Part-Time) Physical Education1 year
Life Skills and Management (Full/Part-Time) Women's Studies1 year
Micro and Small Enterprise Development (Full/Part-Time) Women's Studies1 year
NGO Management (Part-Time) Life Long Learning1 year
Human Resource Management (Part-Time) Life Long Learning 1 year
வீணை (யாழ்) (பகுதி நேரம்) Performing Arts1 year
இசையலகுக்கட்டை (பகுதி நேரம்) Performing Arts1 year
Effective Communication English1 year (Concurrent course)
English Language Teaching English1 year (Concurrent course)
Journalism and Mass Communication English1 year
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)Environmental Management1 year (Non-Semester)
பாரதிதாசன் படைப்புகள் (பகுதி நேரம்) Bharathidasan Studies1 year
Child Guidance and CounsellingSocial Work1 year
GerontologySocial Work1 year
Human Resource Management and Corporate Social ResponsibilitySocial Work1 year
DBT-Advanced PG Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics Biotechnology1 year
Environmental Genomics Environmental Biotechnology1 Year
Digital Library & knowledge Management (F.T. & P.T.) C.C. Library & Information Science1 year
Counselling and Pedagogy for Parenting special Children C.C/Centre for Differently Abled Persons1 year
Guidance and Counselling for Special needsCentre for Differently Abled Persons1 year
Inclusive Training and DevelopmentCentre for Differently Abled Persons1 year

Diploma Programmes

Subject Offered By the Department of/Centre for Duration
Machine OperatorCentral Workshop2 years
Laboratory GlasswareCentral Workshop2 years
Life Skills and Management (Part/Full-Time)Women's Studies6 months
Micro and Small Enterprise Development (Full/Part-Time)Women's Studies6 months
தமிழிசை (முழு நேரம் / பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts1 year
நாட்டுப்புற நடனம் (முழு நேரம்)Performing Arts1 year
தப்பாட்டக்கலை (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts1 year
வயலின் (பகுதி நேரம்) (பிடில், வில்)Performing Arts1 year
மேளம் (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts1 year
நாகசுவரம் (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts1 year
வீணை (யாழ்) (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts2 years
இசையலகுக்கட்டை(keyboard) (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts2 years
பரதநாட்டியம் (ஆடற்கலை) (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts2 years
தமிழ்நெறி அருட்சுனைஞர் (அர்ச்சகர்)Performing Arts1 year
சைவ சித்தாந்தம் (பகுதி நேரம்)Performing Arts1 year
பெரியாரியல் (பகுதி நேரம்) Centre for Periyar Studies1 year
Graphic Designing and Assistive TechnologiesCentre for Differently Abled Persons6 months
Audio-Video editingCentre for Differently Abled Persons6 months

Certificate Programmes

Subject Offered By the Department of/Centre for Duration
Arabic (Part-Time)School of English & other foreign languages 6 months
French (Part-Time)School of English & other foreign languages 6 months
German (Part-Time)School of English & other foreign languages 6 months
Sanskrit (Part-Time)School of Indian Languages6 Months
Hindi (Part-Time)School of Indian Languages6 Months
Life Skills and Management (Full / Part time)Women's Studies3 Months
Micro and Small Enterprise Development(Full/Part-Time)Women's Studies3 months
Effective communication (oral & written)Department of English6 months
English for Mass media and JournalismDepartment of English6 months
Human Rights (Full Time/ Part Time)Department of History3 months
Server AdministrationUniversity Informatics Centre6 months
Network Management and AdministrationUniversity Informatics Centre6 Months
Web Design and DevelopmentUniversity Informatics Centre6 Months
Periyariyal (பெரியாரியல்)Centre for Periyar Studies6 Months
Non-Government OrganizationSociology6 months
Office Automation and Assistive TechnologiesCentre for Differently Abled Persons3 months
Techniques on organic farming Marine Biotechnology3 months

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