University Informatics Centre
About the Centre

About the University Informatics Centre (UIC)

The University Informatics Centre (Computer Centre and Informatics Centre), has been functioning since 1986 for delivering best-in-class Information Technology services to support the University's Research, Teaching-Learning and Administrive functions. The Centre is is located in the first floor of the University's Central Library and the servers are housed in a separate building.

Genesis and History

The Computer Centre of Bharathidasan University was established 1986 and has been utilized for research oriented activities by the faculty members and students of the University. The Informatics Centre was established in 1994, for providing network connectivity / e-Governance solutions to the BDU community. In 2008, the Informatics Centre and Computer Centre were merged and named as University Informatics Centre (UIC).


UIC strives to empower the University community to achieve its varied instructional, research, and administrative service objectives by:

Providing and sustaining robust information technology infrastructure resources
Creating effective data management systems and associated support services
Assisting the University Departments and Administrative Offices in identifying and accessing relevant information resources


The mission of UIC is to enable effective utilization of information technology in support of the University. Our primary focus is on providing information technology products and services that meet the needs of the BDU community.


To provide strong, secure information technology (IT) infrastructure to faculty, students and staff of Bharathidasan University.
To provide students, faculty, and staff with IT support that will encourage the effective use of information technology.