Welcome to Bharathidasan University!


Dr. V. M. Muthukumar

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome the viewers to visit the Website of Bharathidasan University. This website will be a storehouse of information about Bharathidasan University, its campuses, colleges, courses, achievements and future projects which will make you realize how the university is justly renowned nationally and internationally. To share my ideas at this juncture will be in order.



Jan. 27-31, 2017: National Workshop on Geoinformatics for Watershed Management
Jan. 31, 2017: UGC - National Workshop on Science, Technology and Society (STS) Studies - Dept. of History
Feb. 01-02, 2017: NATIONAL WORKSHOP on "CHILD GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING" - Dept. of Social Work
Feb. 02-03, 2017: NATIONAL WORKSHOP on "Climate Change Impact on the Marine Environment (CCIME-2017)" - Dept. of Marine Science
Feb. 08, 2017: UGC - One Day Workshop on 'The Role of Teachers in Socializing Youth' - Dept. of Sociology
Feb. 27-28, 2017: UGC-Sponsored Two Day National Seminar on "Gender and Social Barriers of Women Scientists and Technocrats-Strategies and Concerns" - Dept. of Women's Studies
Mar. 09-10, 2017: National level conference on Recent Advances in Plant Sciences - Dept. of Plant Science