Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Administrative Block

The spacious administrative building in the main campus accommodates the Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat, the offices of the Registrar, the Controller of Examinations, the Finance Officer and other administrative offices of the University. The Centre for Distance Education is located in a specified area of a spacious building in the Palkalaiperur Campus. The Vice-Chancellor's chamber is annexed with a well furnished Committee Hall with all necessary provisions. Also the Public Relations Office and the office of the Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor are annexed with the secretariat. The Vice-Chancellor's secretariat is equipped with modern communication facilities. The University has an Air-conditioned auditorium with a capacity of nearly 200 and a Convocation Hall.

The Departments and Research Centres

All the Departments and research centres are endowed with good infrastructure facilities. Most of the departments have adequate number of classrooms, faculty rooms, office rooms, seminar halls, libraries and reading room facilities, state of art laboratories with sophisticated equipments. Computational facility for study and research are available in all the science departments.

Informatics Centre

In addition to the computers available in the Departments and Research Centres, the University Informatics Centre houses a large number of computers with networking and internet connectivity for the benefit of students, research scholars and faculty members. Totally, there are more than 1000 computers available for students and faculties in the Main Campus alone. These computers are updated periodically and more computers are added regularly.

Maintenance of Facilities

The University has a Publication Division through which printing, publishing and selling of publications of faculty members are carried out. Also, the division publishes the quarterly news letter (BARD NEWS) of the University. Conveyance facilities for students, teachers and non-teaching staff are provided adequately. The University buses ply regularly between the city and the Palkalaiperur Campus in the morning and in the evening. Water supply in the campus is mainly met from deep wells. The university has provided safe drinking water facility to all the departments and hostels.

The maintenance of all the physical facilities including the buildings, roads, lawns, gardens, electrical, water fittings, water resources, generators etc. are maintained by the Estate Maintenance Wing of the University. The informatics centre of this university maintains the computer networking, internet, website, all the servers, database and the digital library, etc. Internet connectivity has been extended to all the departments of our University through Campus-wide network (Optical Fiber Backbone) which is maintained by the Informatics Centre. Internet connectivity has been provided to the Hostels, Staff Quarters, Vice-Chancellor's Residence, Guest House, Administrative Building and all the Departments of the University through Wireless Technology also. A Campus-wide network using Optical Fibre Cable and Structured Cabling work in the buildings of the Khajamalai Campus of the University has been established recently.

Library as Learning Resource

The University Library is separately located in a well architectured multi-storyed building in the main campus and is well furnished with all resources including e-library resources. The Library has separate Halls for housing the books, journals, magazines and reference books in addition to a big and well furnished reading hall. In terms of learning resources, the library has a good collection of books and e-books in addition to subscribing a number of journals and audio-video cassettes. The library has INFLIBNET and DELNET facilities. The UGC infonet facility helps to access more than 10,000 e-resources including thousands of e-journals. Through the university's digital library, the students and faculty members can have access to more than 5,000 back volumes and 7,000 electronic books. The number of books, journals and periodicals are updated every year. The library is providing reprographic facilities for the benefit of students and research scholars. The library is kept open throughout the year [except on five national holidays] from 8 am to 8 pm. The library provides open access system for the users including students, research scholars and teaching faculty. In addition to the above central facility, the departments have their own libraries.

Sports Facility

The sports infrastructure includes a good gymnasium with multi-gym facilities and yoga centre, an indoor stadium for table tennis, chess, carom, weight lifting and power lifting. The university trains students in the following outdoor games: Basket Ball, Ball Badminton, Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, kho-kho, Kabadi, Hand Ball and Net Ball. The University also has a standard 400 metre athletic track with the facility to conduct all the field events.

Central Workshop

There is a central workshop with a machine shop and glass blowing section. With the modest facilities, the workshop is conducting two Diploma programmes, one in Machine Operation and another in Laboratory Glassware. The workshop's personnel are helping the repair and maintenance of some of the equipments in the Departmental laboratory.


As majority of the students studying different programmes in the University Departments are hailing from places away from Tiruchirappalli, the University provides hostel facilities for the needy students at an affordable cost. At present, there are eight hostels in the University. Among them, four hostels are meant for boys and the remaining four hostels are for girls. While the Sindhu Hostel is located at the Khajamalai Campus, all the other hostels are in the Palkalaiperur main campus. Totally, there are 1460 students staying in the hostels. Among them 694 are boys and 766 are girls. The hostels were started over different periods of time: Sindhu Hostel: 1974; Cauvery and Ponni Hostels: 1993; Porunai Hostel: 2003; Mullai, Kurinji and Vaigai Hostels: 2008; and Bhavani Hostel: 2009. Among all the Hostels, the Porunai hostel is meant exclusively for the male research scholars. There are separate integrated dining halls for boys and girls.

The hostel rooms are provided with fans, good lighting, adequate water facility, recreation centre, playing ground, news papers and magazines. Each hostel is provided with a television and cable connectivity. Similarly, all the hostels have Wi-Fi facility and thereby the students can access internet from their respective rooms using their lap-tops. The hostels are provided with a good hygienic cooking facility and spacious dinning halls. There is 24 hours watch and ward for women’s hostels. Each hostel is provided with hot water facility in the bathrooms. The hostels have Grievance Redressal Committee and Purchase Committee which meet once in a month. The hostels are provided with telephone facility to receive calls from outside.

The administration of the hostels are looked after by (a) the Warden / Registrar (b) Hostel Administrator (c) Deputy Wardens (d) Residential Tutors (e) Supervisors (f) Office Assistants and others. Similarly, the Khajamalai Campus has a compact hostel with limited number of students staying there. The BIM has its own hostel facility for their students. The following are some of the important facilities provided to the inmates of the Hostels.

1. Low rent
2. Dividing system for boarding
3. Purified drinking water
4. Modern kitchen
5. Internet facility with WIFI
6. Integrated dining hall

Health Centre

The University’s Health Centre was established in the year 1993. The Health Centre is located in a building with 300 sq.ft. area, which is very close to the Administrative Building, Hostels and to the Staff Quarters. The Health Centre has physical facilities such as bathroom, toilet, wash basins, fans, lights, drinking water, etc. The health centre has First-aid medicine, IRR Lamp, Electrocardiogram and other basic equipments. The working hours of the Health Centre is from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The Centre has link with all the major hospitals in the city. The health centre has the following medical personnel.

Part-time Doctor: Dr.M.Swaminathan,, M.B.B.S.
Full-time Nurse : Mrs. V. Renuka, General Nursing

Welfare Programmes

The University has the following welfare programmes:

1.	Insurance for accident relief to staff members 
2.	Group Insurance for all the PG students and research scholars
3.	House Building Advance to staff
4.	Marriage Advance to staff
5.	Vehicle Advance to staff
6.	Festival Advance to staff
7.	Advance for purchase of computer
8.	Medical Fund
9.	Fee concession for the children of staff, etc.

Other facilities

1.	Guest House
2.	Staff Quarters
3.	Post Office
4.	Bank
5.	Canteen
6.	Communication Facilities
7.	Electricity and Lighting
8.	Transport
9.	Vehicular Parking

Optimal use of Infra-structural Facilities

The infra-structural facilities are put to optimal, if not maximum use. Because of the distance from the city, the use of the central library and other facilities by the affiliated college students is limited. It is hoped that in due course, this would improve. The Departmental laboratories and computer facilities are fully utilized, thanks to most of the research scholars staying in the campus. Some of the laboratories are open round the clock.

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