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Translation of Cankam Classics


R. Balakrishna Mudaliar

This translation is a clear proof of the translator’s mastery of both Tamil and English and also his talent of translation. He has not only successfully translated the ideas in the poems but also brought out the tone and tenor of the language to the core.

Pages: xx + 406

Rs. 120/-


Dr. A. Dakshinamurthy

The translator has to his credit the translation of three anthologies of Ancient Tamil Literature namely Akananuru, Narrinai and Kurunthogai. Now he ventured in the translation of akam poems of patineunkilkkanakku. The verses have commendable foot notes for better understanding.

Pages: 264

Rs. 120/-


Dr. A. Dakshinamurthy

The translation is very close to the original poems and the spirit of the Sangam age has been caught. The translation is also true to the genius of the target language. There are useful explanatory notes throughout.

Volume I - Kalirruyanai Nirai Price Rs.125/-
Volume II - Manimitai Pavalam Price Rs.175/-
Volume III - Nittilakkovai Price Rs.105/-