Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India

Bharathidasan University Business Development Centre (BDU-BDC)

In consonance with the current view that Institutions of Higher Learning should open out to global competition and move towards self-sustenance through external cash flow; an independent unit called Bharathidasan University Business Development Centre (BDU-BDC) was established in the year 2002.

In the last three decades, significant changes have been brought into Research and Development in the Universities of India. Not only did the Universities look for greater generation of funding resources to sustain their research activities as funding from Government sources have become significantly dwindled, but also the Universities have been motivated towards the service of the society around them. Consequently, the researchers have been forced to share their knowledge and research outputs through consultancy and transfer of technologies, which they have developed, to the needy industries. At the same time, this provided an avenue for taking scientific developments to the society. Since the individual scientists did not have the required time and expertise to facilitate the above activities, an organizational set-up was mandatorily required. In Bharathidasan University this was taken care by the Business Development Centre (BDU-BDC) since 2002. Dr. G. Subramanian, Founder- Director of National Facility for Marine Cyanobacteria (NFMC) was the first Co-ordinator of this Centre, in due course Dr. M. Krishnan was the Co-ordinator. Now BDU-BDC is taken care of by Dr.L.Uma, as Director following Dr. S. Dhanuskodi. Dr. T. Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor, Department Botany, assists the BDC Director, in all the activities additionally. Although Bharathidasan University has been in the service of society for nearly two decades and has made mark in the global map through academic excellence, in the present era of economic revolution, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and World Trade Organizations (WTO), the establishment of Business Development Centre was very welcome one not only to create but also to protect the IPR of the constituent scientists.

The activity of this centre is splicing academic and users of scientific outputs of the university. The technologies related to process and product development generated from the university are to be transferred to the users. Besides, the transfer of the knowledge sourced through the University Departments and other agencies including consultancy firms, R & D Institutions of industries and in the government is planned to be conducted thorough BDC. Within this span of nine years the BDC has facilitated with many reputed Industries / Institutions to sign the MoU with the University on various aspects. The BDC is designated to function with a band of dedicated scientific and technocrats drawn from technology providers/financial institutions and industries. The Advisory Council (AC) consists of not more than 18 members representing university faculty, Research Institutes, Medicine, Patent Office, Industries, Business Establishments and Banks, with the Vice-Chancellor as its Chairman and the Director as its Member Secretary and Executive Committee (EC) to assist the Director comprising four members of the University heads and seven other members representing the University as nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.