Database on Microbial Traditional Knowledge of India

  Fermented foods
    Cereal based (with/without pulses) fermented foods doc pdf
    Cereal based fermented sweets and snacks doc pdf
    Pulse based fermented foods doc pdf
    Milk based fermented foods doc pdf
    Vegetable and unripe fruits based fermented foods doc pdf
    Pickles - Vegetable based fermented foods doc pdf
    Cereal/pulse and butter milk based fermented food doc pdf
    Wild edible Mushrooms doc pdf
    Fermented and preserved animal foods doc pdf
    Starter culture for fermented food production doc pdf
  Fermented feeds doc pdf
  Fermented country beverages    

Plant sap based beverages

doc pdf
    Rice and other cereals based beverages doc pdf

Sprouted rice based beverage

doc pdf
    Rice and rice husk based beverage doc pdf
    Cereal and jaggery  based beverage doc pdf
    Cereal or fruit based beverage doc pdf
    Fruit based beverages doc pdf
    Fruit, cereal and jaggery based beverage doc pdf
    Flower based beverage doc pdf
    Prepared Starter for fermented country beverage production doc pdf
  Fermented dyes doc pdf
  Ayurvedic medicines - Arishtas and Asavas    
    A and B doc pdf
    C to J doc pdf
    K and L doc pdf
    M doc pdf
    N to S doc pdf
    T to Y doc pdf
  Ayurvedic alcoholic beverages doc pdf
    a) Fermented foods, feeds, country beverages & dyes doc pdf
    b) Ayurvedic medicines & alcoholic beverages doc pdf