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The Department of Economics was one of the first departments to be constituted when the erstwhile Autonomous Post Graduate Centre of the University of Madras was set up at Tiruchirappalli more than four decades ago. The Department of Economics was established at the Centre at St.Joseph’s College in August 1963 with Prof. U. Ganapathi as the Reader. In January 1966 Prof. S.C. Joseph joined as Head in the Department. The Department offered M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes and inter-collegiate lectures were given and attended by the M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. [Economics] students of the colleges in Tiruchirappalli. In August 1971, the Department was shifted to the Stadium Buildings at Khajamalai and later in September 1976 to its own building at the Autonomous Post Graduate Centre of the University of Madras, Khajamalai.

In 1982 the Autonomous Post Graduate Centre of the University of Madras at Tiruchirappalli came into existence as Bharathidasan University. The Department of Economics was annexed to Bharathidasan University headed by Prof. S. Neelakantan (who did post-doctoral work with Douglas C.North, Nobel Prize winner in Economis) and later succeeded by Prof. V.B. Athreya (who after his B.Tech. in IIT Madras, did PG and Ph.D works in Wisconsin University, USA) in September 1990 and by Prof. S. Lakshmi in February 2008. Currently, the Department is located at the Khajamalai Campus and is being headed by Prof. S. Iyyampillai since November 2008. Other faculty members in the Department are Dr.V.Backiyavathi, Dr.S.Ganesan and Dr.N.Prasanna. Under the new academic setup, the Department comes under the School of Economics and Commerce, which is Chaired by Prof. J.A. Arul Chellakumar since July 2009.