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Department of Environmental Management

The Department of Environmental Management was established in 2005 under the school of Environmental Sciences. Environmental Management is one of the upcoming disciplines in the recent times. Current environmental threats and the impending risks thereof and formidable global climate change warrant holistic responses in multidimensional framework. A multifaceted approach integrating natural science, social science, environmental engineering and emerging sciences such as genomics, nanotechnology, remote sensing, and modeling has become inevitable requisite of every region to work and implement environmental sustainability. In line with the current global environmental challenges and research agenda, the Department of Environmental Management envisages research and post graduate programs. Some of the thematic areas include inter alia, Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment, Ecological Economics, Bioremediation, Industrial Ecology and Eco-efficient Production, and Corporate Environmental Management.

The Department offers two year M.B.A. program in Environmental Management from July 2006, one of the unique programs, presumably first in the country. Department also offers consultancy services to Industries in preparing project proposals for getting environmental clearance certificate, EIA, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment , Environmental Audit and Environmental Management Systems.