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To mark the Silver Jubilee Year of the Bharathidasan University (2006-2007), the Centre for Tamil Music and Performing Arts was started on 13.11.2006 and its has been functioning since the academic year 2007- 2008. This was renamed as SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS during the year 2009-10. It aims at conducting Interdisciplinary teaching, Performing and research activities in the field of Performing Arts. The School also offers M.P.A., P.G. Diploma and Diploma programs.

Since its inception, the School of Performing Arts prepare students for unique career opportunities. It is the soul of the School to further increase its reputation by preparing knowledge gathered in all walks of life to the students and make them creative involve Endeavour in the field of Performing Arts. Above all it aims at teaching students to learn the Art of Living. Promoting South Zone, National and International Cultural convergence of tenanted musicians, dancers and other art practitioners.

Aims and Objectives

Thrust Areas of the School: Folk Performing Arts

Folk Performance through Songs and Dance: Dancing and Singing are the part and parcel of rural and tribal life which contains a lot of indigenous knowledge on seasons, agriculture and animal care. The content of Songs and Dance are very much localized and transmitted through oral communication to the younger generations. These Songs and Dance yet to be documented, with their background.

Thrust Areas of the School: Classical Performing Arts

To establish the Historical importance of Music and Dramas as discribed in ancient Tamil literature

To bring the salient features of Music followed in the Sangam periods.

To findout the nature of music performed in four lands such as Mullai, Kurinchi, Marutham Neythal.

To give attention on the reports of researchers on seven palaikal (main ragam)with a view to collect the uniformity in their reports.

To campare the ancient Tamil Music and the Modern Tamil music with a view to focus on the research for the development of Music.

To trace the History and social changes for the conversion of Tamil Music into Karnatic Music after 15th century.

To investigate Instrument Music with a view to know the reason for calling the Yazh and Veena.

To explore the ‘Swaras’ in Music

This Program also aims to throw new light on Cultural Heritage of India and to make students realize that they are the inheritors of the glorious history of India. This will pave way for the students to have a discourse on the fundamentals of traditional and contemporary world Classic & Folk music, Drama and Dance.