Innovative Practices

The University has established many innovative practices. To cite some of them:

1. The University has an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to review the quality dimensions of the institution. The thrust involves monitoring as well as exploring the avenues of improving the quality of services. Also, Academic and Administrative Audit Committees are appointed for evaluation.

2. The University adopts strategic planning in every aspect of its developments including teaching, research and administration, to suit the latest managerial concepts.

3. Team work and decisions through various representative committees are part of the University's management culture.

4. The University is one of the pioneers in computerizing the examination system, finance section, distance education, general administration and also in library automation.

5. Efforts are taken to infuse values in the minds of the students through value based courses and extension services.

6. The university takes special efforts towards the all-round personality development of the learners.

7. The curriculum for different courses offered in the university departments are updated by including the emerging trends.

8. To cater the needs of the students in different pockets of villages, the university has started constituent colleges in four places.

9. As service to the society, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD) and the Bharathidasan University Technology Park offer a number of skill oriented short term, diploma, certificate and training programmes.

10. In the case of students, efforts are taken to promote the capacity to learn independently, the communication skill and capacity to work as a team.

11. All the teaching programmes offered in the University Departments and also in affiliated colleges are under semester and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS).

12. Most of the Science Departments of the University have very strong and long term collaboration in research areas of common interest with reputed institutions within and outside the country. Under these collaborative programmes exchange of faculty and students are happening.

13. There are several MoUs signed with industries and reputed research institutions in India and abroad.

14. The Business Development Cell of the University takes care of the University- Industry relations.

15. The University is recognized at the international level for its high quality research carried out in some of the Science Departments (Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences).

16. Nationally and internationally recognized faculty with prestigious awards and prizes are there in several departments.

17. The University Departments organize international and national conferences, workshops and seminars regularly.

18. A proactive and progressive university that encourages the affiliated colleges, even in rural/remote places by granting affiliation in many frontier disciplines.

19. The University has four constituent colleges in small places (Perambalur, Orathanadu, Lalgudi and Aranthangi) within its fold, which is helpful for students in the nearby villages.

20. Organizing regional level Principals' Business Meet wherein all the top officers of the University and local administration would also participate for spot disposal of pending issues, if any.

21. Organizing meeting of all the research guides from the University Departments and affiliated colleges to discuss about the issues involved in the administrative procedure for Ph.D. registration, recognition of research guides, etc.

22. Conferring autonomy to as many as 19 colleges and giving them full academic freedom to make structural changes in their curriculum, however with a proper monitoring mechanism.

23. Granting autonomy in academic (full), administrative (partial) and financial (partial) matters to the Departments. The autonomy of one of its Schools of excellence, Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM) is total.

24. A pioneer in introduction of computer science education in the Arts and Science colleges, nearly 25 years ago; an aggressive academic innovation at that time, to be emulated by other Universities later.

25. Removing the myth of the Distance Education mode generally being annual system, with separate syllabi / examinations and delayed declaration of results; the University introduced PG programmes under semester system with all its rigors, strictly observing the same syllabi / examinations of the regular programmes.

26. Organizing university level cultural fete every year and arranging for inter-collegiate cultural competitions in which the college students are so emotionally absorbed in cultural activities that in the last so many years, there was no big student unrest in any of the affiliated colleges. The University has the distinction of winning laurels many times at the inter-university and inter-zone cultural competitions.

27. The university updates the curriculum regularly by updating the syllabi and by introducing new and innovative courses in emerging fields.

28. Going-in for self-supporting programmes in a big way by establishing a School of Engineering and Technology in the thrust area.

29. The Women (especially the less privileged group) of the community in this area are trained with different skills for their livelihood by the Department of Women Studies.

30. Offering many welfare schemes to the University staff; for example giving fee concession to the wards of the staff (for class-IV staff the concession is full), and also to the staff themselves if they do programmes in the university's distance education mode). Also, group insurance for the students and mediclaim, and accident insurance benefits for the students and faculty are provided. Vehicle advance and subsidy on home loans are provided to staff.

31. Giving incentive awards to the top performers in the school final examinations, from among the children of the staff.

32. University Rank Examinations are conducted to choose the topper from among the rank holders of the university departments and affiliated colleges.

33. Over the years, the strength of the faculty members, the research scholars and students have been increased at a great phase.

'புதியதோர் உலகம் செய்வோம்'
We will create a brave new world