Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

Maintenance and Utilization Policy

Responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of any physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc, rests with EMD for realty properties, electricity division for electrical work, equipment/facilities/utilities for projects/centres with project type funding with the Principal Investigator or the Facility/ equipment/ utility in-charge as head/director/coordinator of the Department/ Centre/ Institute/Cell or club, as the cases may be. Record of Facility or Equipment, Annual Stock taking, Annual cleansing, Equipment needing 24x7 Refrigeration, CCTV monitoring, AMC for High Value items ( Free of Cost for first 3-5 years) and Schedule of Periodic Maintenance have to be compulsorily maintained by every responsibility-laden person. Periodic Maintenance of the facilities/equipment as per advised schedule is scrupulously executed by the persons responsible.

The optimum utilization is a must and is ensured. Any facility, except the default, 24x7 class of facilities, is better utilized to its capacity, with due break-from work to allow the cooling time, engine-fatigue recovery time and the like. Daily Log-book facility-wise is maintained so that the utilization level is well monitored. Proper details are collected as the property, person, purpose, period and place of utilization as far as high-end delicate equipment. These are auto-recorded or scheduled and utilized as per schedule. All facilities/ equipment/ property are used full, with due rest. Certain crucial facilities like laboratories and libraries need maximum utilization.

Apart from regular Laboratory hours, a system of one or two library hours per week is made compulsory for all the students to have the great twin-benefit- the Library facilities are well used and the students’ time is better used.

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