Student Support and Progression

Bharathidasan University is catering the needs of students from different parts of the country and even from abroad. However, majority of the students are from the state of Tamilnadu. The percentage of pass among students is very high and the drop out rate is negligible. The students are given opportunity to express their views (both positive and negative) about the courses and course teachers. The suggestions given by the students for improving the curriculum were given due respect and relevant measures were invited to revise the curriculum as per the needs of the students.


For admission to various study programmes, advertisements are issued in leading dailies regarding the programmes of study offered in the various Departments at least two months before the commencement of the academic year. Complete details regarding the various programmes conducted in the Departments and the syllabus for the courses are published in the university's website. The university also publishes its prospectus annually. It is a well structured handbook which contains information about the various Schools, Departments and Centres functioning in the University. It also includes sufficient information about the academic research and the programmes of study offered by the departments. The prospectus further covers the duration of each programme of study, copy of application form and the major academic regulations concerning the eligibility for joining the programmes. The Departments also bring out their own brochures.

Academic and Career Counselling

(i) Academic Counselling
Academically weak students are given special care to enable them to complete their programme of study successfully with good understanding of the concepts. Fast learners in the class are identified and they are trained to do additional academic works including the task of solving additional problems. They are also encouraged to help slow learners in their studies.

(ii) Career Counselling
The students are counselled to participate in various activities which can enhance their skills and foster holistic personality development. They are motivated to apply for and to write NET, CSIR, UGC, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS and GATE examinations in order to enhance their opportunities for pursuing research career in reputed institutions in India and abroad after their programme of study in the University. Special counseling is being provided to enable students to perform better in interviews. Training is also provided in the art of preparing resumes depending on the requirement. In addition, students undergo training with the goal of improving their verbal and written communication skills in interviews, to enable them to interact with others and to contribute meaningfully during group discussions, and for overall development of the personality.

Financial Aid

Financial aids are available to PG students from Central Government, State Government and from the university in the form of scholarships and also study loan from nationalized banks. The Ph.D., students are receiving fellowships from various agencies including UGC, CSIR, ICHR, etc. and from the university, in addition to Fellowships and Assistantships through research projects. During the last academic year 2,132 PG students received scholarships and 290 students received fellowships. The university, particularly the Library, Distance Education and the Examination Wings offer part-time employments to the poor students on hourly basis.

Employment / Career Guidance Cell

The University has an Employment / Placement and Career Guidance Cell which was started a few years ago. Since, most of the Schools and Departments in the university motivate their students towards research, a majority of the students who complete their Post-Graduate studies take up a research career after their programme of study. To facilitate this, the students obtain proper guidance during the final year of their study from their respective project supervisors. Students who are interested in pursuing higher studies other than research, are guided by the faculty members in the Department. The students who undertake their project work during the final semester of their study in institutions and industries outside the university are mostly absorbed by them upon completion of their programme of study. Therefore, only a small proportion of the students is really interested in participating in the open recruitment process. To facilitate the placement process further, the university has nominated a few faculty members from different Departments as liaison persons to the Employment / Placement Cell.

Placement activities of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD) of the University has been conducting a series of Campus. Interviews with multi-national companies and created job opportunites for 2339 young students. Through On-Campus programmes, the IECD has provided employment opportunities to 2785 students and non-student youths. In collaboration with its tie-up institutions provided employment to 3284 students and unemployed youth. By offering different courses, the IECD, in all, generated employment opportunities for 8408 candidates, most of whom are from rural areas. Out of these, 42 are differently-abled trainees.

Alumni Association

The Bharathidasan University has got considerable number of Registered Alumni who are holding coveted positions in organizations at the national and international levels. The association provides counseling and guidelines to socially disadvantaged group of students hailing from rural areas

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