About Alumni Association

The students of the Bharathidasan University hail from all walks of life and always carry bright memories of the Bharathidasan University and its Campus, as it aims in promoting a healthy, congenial and academically interactive atmosphere. The Alumni Association was initiated in its own way by the individual departments collecting data about their past students, keeping track of their academic records and achievements and inviting them once in a way to address the present students, staff and administration to discuss on how programme can be worked out effectively for the benefit of the institution and promote the interests of the staff and students.

Efforts have been made to bring all the past students of the various departments under one banner, calling it the Bharathidasan University Alumni Association. This Alumni Association works with the present students and staff to promote healthy functioning of the University and also contribute to the campus development. Some Departments such as Geography, Remote Sensing have their own Department-level Alumni Association.

We have ex-NSS volunteers forum in the name of Open NSS unit of Bharathidasan University . At present we have 250 ex-NSS volunteers in this unit. This alumni unit of NSS takes active part in organising the service and cultural activities.