Campus Life

Computing Resources

The University Informatics Centre has central computing laboratory for catering to the academic, research and general purpose computing needs of the students, faculty, and staff of our University. The Laboratory is also utilized by the students from constituent colleges, and affiliated colleges. The laboratory is also used for giving hands-on training programmes and webniars to participants of Refresher courses, Orientation courses, Short term courses, Workshops etc. The computing laboratory has 110 Computers connected to a central Server. The lab functions from 8 AM to 8 PM on all days except National Holidays. The Laboratory is equipped with Necessary Software Tools, IP Surveillance Cameras, Audio System and a Smart Board to teach and demonstrate.

Campus WiFi

BDU WiFi allows faculty, staff, students, and authenticated guests / visitors to access the network. The Wireless Internet (WiFi) facility has been provided to all the buildings located at both the campuses. A Wireless Controller has been installed to provide maximum WiFi coverage, authentication and security. With 75 access points, around 1500 authenticated Wifi users are connected to BDU wireless network. With a liberal grant from DST PURSE, both wired and wireless network infrastructure at our campus has been upgraded with state of the art equipments. Over 1500 users are currently utilizing the WiFi facility.

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