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Hostels and Accomodation

As majority of the students studying different programmes in the University Departments are hailing from places away from Tiruchirappalli, the University provides hostel facilities for the needy students at an affordable cost. At present, there are nine hostels in the University. Among them, four hostels are meant for Men and the remaining five hostels are for Women. While the Sindhu and Gangai Hostels are located at the Khajamalai Campus, all the other hostels are in the Palkalaiperur main campus. Totally, there are 1860 students staying in the hostels. Among them 801 are Men and 1059 are Women. The hostels were started over different periods of time: Sindhu Hostel: 1974; Cauvery and Ponni Hostels: 1993; Porunai Hostel: 2003; Mullai, Kurinji and Vaigai Hostels: 2008; and Bhavani Hostel: 2009. Among all the Hostels, the Porunai hostel is meant exclusively for the male research scholars and Kurinji hostel is meant exclusively for the female research scholars. There are separate integrated dining halls for Men and Women.

The hostel rooms are provided with fans, good lighting, adequate water facility, recreation centre, playing ground, news papers and magazines. Each hostel is provided with a television and cable connectivity. Similarly, all the hostels have Wi-Fi facility and thereby the students can access internet from their respective rooms using their lap-tops. The hostels are provided with a good hygienic cooking facility and spacious dinning halls. There is 24 hours watch and ward for women’s hostels. Each hostel is provided with hot water facility in the bathrooms. The hostels have Grievance Redressal Committee and Purchase Committee which meet once in a month. The hostels are provided with telephone facility to receive calls from outside.

Sl.No. Name Position Hostel Campus Men / Women Research Scholars / PG Students
1 Dr. R. Kalidasan Warden / Registrar i/c All Hostels      
2 Dr.S. Srinivasaragavan Chief Hostel Administrator All Hostels      
3 Dr. C. Kubendran Deputy Warden Porunai Main Campus Men Research Scholar
4 Dr. K. Kalaichelvi Deputy Warden Kurinji Main Campus Women Research Scholar
5 Dr. K. Kalaichelvi Deputy Warden Mullai Main Campus Women P.G Students
6 Dr. T. Sivasudha Deputy Warden Ponni Main Campus Women P.G Students
7 Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao Deputy Warden Bhavani Main Campus Men P.G Students
8 Dr. M. Surulinathi Deputy Warden Cauvery Main Campus Men P.G Students
9 Dr. P. Masilamani Deputy Warden Vaigai Main Campus Men P.G Students
10 Dr. K. Muthuramalingam Deputy Warden Sindhu Khajamalai Campus Men Research Scholar & PG Students
11 Dr. S. Suba Deputy Warden Gangai Khajamalai Campus Women Research Scholar & PG Students

The administration of the hostels are looked after by (a) the Warden / Registrar (b) Hostel Administrator (c) Deputy Wardens (d) Residential Supervisor (e) Supervisors (f) Assistant Section officers (g) Office Assistants and others. Similarly, the Khajamalai Campus has a compact hostel with limited number of students staying there. The BIM has its own hostel facility for their students.

The administrations of all hostels are under the control of CENTRAL OFFICE FOR HOSTEL ADMINISTRATION

Hostel Related Forms

 Hostel Forms
 Hostel Rules 2023-2024

Features and Facilities

1. Low Rent
2. Dividing system for boarding
3. Purified drinking water
4. Modern kitchens with FSSAI Approval
5. 24 X 7 Security Personnel
6. 24 X 7 CCTV Surveillance Cameras
7. 24 X 7 Internet facility with WIFI
8. Integrated dining hall
9. A seperate computing laboratory for each hostel

Facilities in the Campus for Faculty / Staff / Students / Visitors

1. Guest House
2. Faculty and Staff Quarters
3. Post Office
4. Bank
5. Canteen
6. Communication Facilities
7. Electricity and Lighting
8. Transport
9. Vehicular Parking

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