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Registrar's Message

I extend my hearty wishes and warm welcome to the students of Centre for Distance Education Bharathidasan University. Education is an important contributing element to both social mobility and economic developments. At this time of globalization, quality becomes a dominant factor of success in every sector of the economy and this includes quality in the provision of education. Without education one will find it difficult to succeed in life and cannot face the challenges of the competitive world.

Bharathidasan University’s Centre for Distance Education is set up with the vision to provide affordable quality education with aim to educate and cater the students of undeveloped areas.

We believe that students of Centre for Distance Education will be well equipped with knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of the global market and contribute to the growth of the society.

We ensure that you, as a student, will enjoy your time with us. Our friendly and considerate faculty and staffs is always on hand to guide, advice and handle your academic and personal concerns. Our aim is to ensure that you enjoy yourself with us while achieving your academic ambition.

As a Registrar of Bharathidasan University I would request the students to keep studies as your top priority to upgrade your knowledge for your future and respect in society.

Dr. R. Kalidasan
Registrar (Full Time Additional In-Charge)