About the Student Support System Portal

Bharathidasan University has launched the Student Support System Portal for the welfare of the students of Centre for Distance and Online Education.
The CDOE Student Support System Portal aims to help students in various ways, such as enquires about admissions, programmes offered, fee structures, class details, and addressing grievances related to courses, examination, marks, results, certificates etc.
This portal is closely monitored by the staff of CDOE, Bharathidasan University and the requests/ grivances will be addressed at the earliest possible time.

Complaint Handling Mechanism

Complaint Handling Mechanism guildelines prescribed in the UGC DEB Regulations 2020, is given the University website. Click here to view

Learners can submit their queries / grievances through this online portal. The Learners can view the status of the queries / grievances submitted by them through this portal.

Learners can escalate the grievances to the authorities of the University if their grievance is not addressed by the CDOE.