Anti-Drugs Committee
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli - 620 024
Tamil Nadu, India

About the Anti-Drugs Committee

Substance abuse has become an alarming health crisis on college/University campuses across the nation. Our Bharathidasan University has constituted an Anti-Drugs Committee on 21/12/2021. Dr Yoganandan appointed as coordinator and Dr Sivasudha and Dr Anusya Devi are appointed as members of the anti drug committee. Anti-Drugs committee has been constituted to ensure a drug-free campus by imposing a total ban on the possession or consumption or use of drugs and alcohol by students of the University, within or outside the campus/hostels.

Duties of the Anti-Drugs Committee

  •  To organize awareness programmes in the University and hostels with the help of concerned authorized agencies/organizations.
  •  To educate the students about the ill-effects of drugs and alcohol.
  •  To encourage peer policing among students against the use of drugs and reporting of any noticed use of drugs by the students to the student’s volunteers of Anti-Drugs committee.

Objectives of the Anti-Drugs Committee

  •  To spread awareness to ensure a drug/substance free campus.
  •  To engage the students in Anti-Drug activities and educate them about the ill-effects.
  •  Motivate students to become volunteers of Anti-Drug activities in their life.
  •  Ensure no sale of drugs or alcohol in college premises.
  •  To prevent the initiation of drug use and the increase to addiction in those who have already initiated to use.

Posters for Anti-Drugs Awarness