Centre for Canadian Studies
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India

Description of the Programme

Teaching of Canadian Literature at the M.A./M.Phil. levels.

Training and orientation programmes for scholars and teachers in Canadian Studies in the Universities and Colleges in Tamil Nadu.

Guidance for M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D., Scholars in Canadian life and Literature at the P.G.,M.Phil., and Doctoral levels through a highly intellectual and inter-disciplinary perspective/ approach.

Encouraging Minor and Major Projects: i) Writing books on criticism on Canadian Novels,Poetry, Short-stories, ii) Translating Canadian texts into the regional language by one or more Scholars jointly - a joint programme ( to enable the Canadian subject, theme, text and writer seep through the mind of the reader, when read in the regional language).

Lectures by Canadian Professors and Indian Professors on Canadian Literature.

Publication of a) the reports of the projects completed during the year

b) the proceedings of the Seminars/work-shops conducted during the year that would contribute to Canadian Literature, Criticism, History and Sociology.

Relevance and significance of the programmes to the development or expansion of Canadian Studies

The Teaching, Training and Orientation programmes are significant for they aim at promoting considerable knowledge and intensifying the study of Canadian Texts, Canadian contexts, Movements in Canadian Literature and History, and make comparative study with Indian Literature, History, Sociology Social Work, Remote Sensing etc.

The guidance and project activities will help promote intensive research in the Canadian and Indian fields of study, thereby working out a conducive interaction between the two nations in trying to learn from each other and in turn promote the intellectual literary and sociological progress of both the countries.

The Seminars and Lecture programmes aim at contributing further to the inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural research activities and co-operation between the two nations.

The publication of projects and seminars will definitely lead to a significant focus and contribute to an in depth knowledge which will help researchers, teachers and scholars gain enough information in their respective areas of study.

The main focus of our research in this Centre is on Fiction Criticism and Poetry. The five prominent writers chosen are Northrop Frye, Stephen Leacock, Rudy Wiebe, Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, Mariain Engel, Ethel Wilson, Barbara Goddard, Alice Munro and a few South Asian Women.