Centre for Climate Change Research
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India

About the Centre

Increasing trend in population pressure, unplanned urban and industrial developments, poor land use practices or loss of biodiversity leads to release of more green house gases in the atmosphere results environmental changes cause climate change. It indicates raising atmospheric temperature, extreme weather patterns such as flood, drought, hurricanes, etc. throughout the world. Climate change impact has severe damages on bioresources especially human beings are suffered by climate variables such as emergence and re-emergence of vector borne diseases, deficiency in water and air quality, food production, etc. In view of the above facts, the centre has established to carryout research programmes and creates awareness among the public about current issues with the application of advanced technologies to provide scientific solution, to mitigate the issues and develop adaptation techniques for the reduction of level of impact on biological system.

Main objectives

To carry out an intensive, inter-disciplinary research on climate change and its impact on natural resources with special focus on bioresources. To create awareness among public about climate change related issues and solutions.


Establishment of knowledge centre to provide scientific research inputs towards climate change adaptation and mitigation research. Apply for funding on climate change research from different national and international agencies. Centre could establish as well as to meet out the national and international requirements towards climate change related issues. Strengthening of laboratory facility, faculty and research scientist to provide quality outputs to the user agencies. Development of Co-ordination among experts from multidisciplinary subjects available with in school and other related Departments within the University and outside towards climate change issues.



1. UV Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer

2. Respirable Dust Sampler

3. Cooling centrifuge

4. Gel Documentation

5. Western Blot

6. Water Analyser

7. GPS

8. Double Distillation Unit

9. Electrophoresis Apparatus

10. Soxhlet Apparatus

11. Light Table


12. ArcGIS 10.1

13. ENVI 4.6


15. Inter Graph 12