Centre for Climate Change Research
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India


Name of the Investigator Title of the Project Amount (In Lakhs) Duration Funding Agency
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) Assessment of air pollution status with co-beneficial factors for Tiruchirppalli city corporation 33,50,496 2016-2019 MoEFCC
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) Study on Population Ecology of Rucervus eldii in Keibul Lamjao National Park, Indo Burma Biodiversity Hotspot 3,30,598 2014-2015 Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) Identification and Evaluation of Novel Plant Species for CO2 Sequestration in different Altitudes ranges of Pachamalai Reserve Forest towards Climate Change Mitigation Research 26,98,800 2010-2014 DST-NRDMS
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) An epidemiological survey of vector borne diseases and control strategies for tribal health development through Remote sensing and GIS for Sitheri hills, Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu 9,22,460 2009-2012 ICMR
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) An assessment of functional alterations of forest ecosystem in response to climate change through spatial technology 6,78,800 2009-2012 UGC
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) An Integrated Approach to Develop a Specialized Green Belt Model to Minimise Carbon Emission using Remote Sensing, GIS and Biotechnology for NLC Campus, Tamil Nadu 23,43,921 2008-2011 DST
Dr. M. Govindaraju (PI) River ecosystem changes and its impact on molecular materials in Noyyal river: An integrated approach of Remote sensing, GIS and Biotechnology 2006-2007 TNSCST
Dr. M. Govindaraju (CO-PI) HLA gene diversity on the primitive dravidian tribes of the South India 11,75,000 2012-2015 UGC
Dr. M. Govindaraju (CO-PI) Identification and Evaluation of novel microbes in CETP of tannery industrial units though molecular approach 48,46,600 2011-2014 DBT
Dr. M. Govindaraju (CO-PI) Endocrine Disruptors: Pesticides PCBs and PAHs in Atmospheric Environment in Tamil Nadu 8,69,300 2009-2012 UGC