Centre for Differently Abled Persons
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli, India
CDAP-Bharathidasan University

About The Centre

The Centre for Differently Abled Persons has been established in Bharathidasan University in the academic year 2011. The Centre has been established with the aim of providing Training for Inclusive Education .

The Motto of the Centre is to Encourage, Enable and Empower the Differently Abled Persons" in Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship.

The centre endeavors to empower persons with disabilities by providing training in Information and Communication Technology, Assistive technology, vocational training, job placement, and entrepreneurship training with the ultimate objective of making differently abled persons self-reliant and economically independent.

The Centre differs from routine academic Department, as it is a specialized training cum production centre for Differently Abled and their stakeholders.


bullet points    To establish a Resource Training and Information Center for the Differently Abled Persons.

bullet points    To adopt innovative ICT based approaches for education, training, and rehabilitation of Persons with disabilities.

bullet points    To impart skill based training for the differently abled and sensitization programmes for the stakeholders.

bullet points    To promote teaching and research in disability studies with interdisciplinary perspectives.

bullet points    To create a platform for the Differently Abled to express their needs and exhibit their potentials.

Vision and Mission

bullet points    To ensure full participation, total access, economic and social integration of Differently Abled Persons.

bullet points    To augment the life of Differently Abled Persons by assisting them to identify and enrich their potentials and goals.

bullet points    To foster self-development and self-reliance of Differently Abled Persons through ICT training and Employability skill.


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