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About The Centre for French

The Centre for French, instituted at the School of English & Foreign Languages, Bharathidasan University is committed to the promotion of French as a foreign language and Research in French and Francophone literature. The study of French as a foreign language includes the acquisition of the basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing and enabling the learners from various backgrounds to promote and enhance their communication skills in French, thus making them proficient in oral and written communication.

The Centre has been making a steady progress with students enrolling for Full-time and Part-time Research. Besides research, the Centre has a regular intake of students for Part I French and Inter-Faculty courses. A 3 month Certificate Programme is also open to students, researchers, University staff and the general public. Besides classroom instructions, audio-visual aids are available in the Foreign Language Lab which facilitate quality in teaching. French books are also available at the disposal of the students to enhance their language skills.

Learning a foreign language is the need of the hour. Learning French as a foreign language enriches the mind and opens several opportunities for the learners. Learning French is an excellent choice for students who are planning to go to France to pursue their higher studies and explore the world.

To learn French as a foreign language in the era of globalization gives students an edge. With more multinational companies stepping into the Indian soil, French language experts are in great demand in the corporate world as translators and interpreters. France is known for its elite universities and excellent higher education system. Students with a good level of French are eligible for French government grants to enrol in postgraduate courses in France in the discipline of their choice and qualify for internationally recognised degrees.


  •  To promote Research in French and Francophone literature.
  •  To equip the students with the basic language skills in French.
  •  To promote interpersonal communication skills.
  •  To enrich the learners’ awareness of the land, people, culture of France and lifestyle of the French that opens up new avenues towards building a career in language studies.
  •  To facilitate students who have a passion to explore French as a foreign language.
  •  To strengthen students’ language skills in French that builds the employability skills of the students.
  •  To enable students to have lucrative job opportunities in various multinational companies.
  •  To prepare students who are interested in higher education in France.


  •  To enhance students’ learning and development by cultivating a ground where the students learn a foreign language that is certain to boost their personalities and their career.
  •  A centre that is rigorously focused on improving the competency and shaping the prospects of the learners is bound to become a platform for research and exchange programmes with French universities.


  •  To integrate a world-class curriculum in French language and Literature and augment the critical thinking and research aptitude of the learners compatible to the global job market.

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