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Year: 2023-2024

# Event Name Duration From Duration To Event Type Coordinator Department Remarks Event Brochure
1One day Training Cum Awareness Programme on "Integrated Recirculating Marine Aquaponics (IRMA-2024)20/03/202420/03/2024Training ProgrammeDr. Santhanam PDepartment of Marine Science 
2One day national workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools for Content creation, Customization and Delivery in Distance Education15/03/202415/03/2024WorkshopDr. THOLAPPAN ADepartment of Education (CDOE) 
3Entrepreneurship Awareness Programme14/03/202414/03/2024Training ProgrammeDr. MATHAN GBECH RUSA, Biomedical Science, Marine Science and Non-Linear Dynamics 
4CENITTERZ 2K24 - A scientific event and student symposia11/03/202411/03/2024Student SymposiaDr. RAJESH KANNAN VDepartment of Microbiology 
5National Seminar on Innovation, Intellectual Property Rights and Entrepreneurship 28/02/202428/02/2024SeminarDr. SATHIYABAMA MIntellectual Property Rights Cell 
6Two Day Workshop on Latest Trends in Information Technology 22/02/202423/02/2024WorkshopDr. MUTHURAMALINGAM KDepartment of Computer Science 
7INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY21/02/202421/02/2024Significant EventDr. Lakshmi Prabha ANational Service Scheme (NSS) 
8Research Facility Training Program for Researchers Plant Co2 Sequestration Research - Department of Environmental Science and Mgmt., Bharathidasan University15/02/202416/02/2024Training ProgrammeDr. Mohanraj RDepartment of Environmental Science and Management 
9Workshop on Trends in Animal Models, In Vitro Models, and In Silico Approaches in Scientific Research12/02/202416/02/2024WorkshopDr. KADALMANI BNational Center for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (NCAAE) 
10Celebration of Subash Chandra Bose Birth Anniversary23/01/202423/01/2024-Dr. Lakshmi Prabha ANational Service Scheme (NSS) Cell 
11National Youth Day 2024 12/01/202412/01/2024Special LectureDr. Lakshmi Prabha ACentre for Swami Vivekananda Studies and NSS 
12International Conference on Microbiological Research : Current Challenges and Future Perspectives (ICMR-CCFP-2024) - 09/01/202411/01/2024ConferenceDr. RAJESH KANNAN VDepartment of Microbiology, Bharathidasan UniversityDepartment of Microbiology, Bharathidasan University & Microbiologists Society of India, Maharashtra 
13Special Lecture by Prof. BOSTJAN BRESAR and Prof. GYULA. O. H.08/01/202408/01/2024Special LectureDr. Tamilselvan ADepartment of Mathematics 
14 International Conference on "Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approaches towards Inclusive Sustainable Development" 05/01/202406/01/2024ConferenceDr. Prabavathy M Centre for Differently Abled, Dept. of Social Work & Dept. of Lifelong Learning 
1543rd Annual Conference of the Association of Economists of Tamil Nadu (AET)29/12/202330/12/2023ConferenceDr. PRASANNA NDEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICSJointly orgaizned by Dept. of Economics & AET, Chennai 
16Seminar on 'Prevention of Child Exploitation and Promotion of Wellbeing' - Dept. of Social Work & Children of India Foundation20/12/202321/12/2023SeminarDr. MANGALESWARAN RDepartment of Social Work 
17Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) - Course Name: Objects and Commodities - BDU and MHRD19/12/202323/12/2023WorkshopDr. ANGKAYARKAN VINAYAKASELVIDepartment of EnglishGIAN Programme 
18Viksit Bharat @ 2047 : Voice of Youth - A collaborative approach for a Developed Nation Share your Ideas - Awareness Programme13/12/202313/12/2023-Dr. JEYAPRAGASH BBharathidasan UniversityAwareness Programme 
19பாரதியார் பிறந்தநாள் விழா11/12/202311/12/2023Special LectureDr. Lakshmi Prabha ABharathiar ChairSpecial Lecture  
20Viksit Bharat@2047: Voice of Youth – Live Streaming of the Hon’ble Prime Minister's Special Address11/12/202311/12/2023Significant EventDr. Padmanaban RUniversity Informatics CentreVenue : University Auditorium  
21The Observance of 67th Death Anniversary of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar06/12/202306/12/2023Significant EventDr. MATHAN GDr. Ambedkar Chair- 
22National Seminar on 'Technology Enabled Learning in Distance and Online Education'26/11/202326/11/2023SeminarDr. Sivagami ACentre for Distance and Online Education 
23Celebration of National Constitution Day and Special Lecture26/11/202326/11/2023Special LectureDr. MATHAN GDr. Ambedkar ChairVenue : VC Studio, University Informatics Centre 
24Explore GIS Today and Tomorrow15/11/202315/11/2023Special LectureDr. JEGANKUMAR RDepartment of GeographyOnline Discussion for GISDAY 2023 
25Special Lecture on 'Probing the universe with cosmic microwave background radiation' by Prof. T R SESHADRI, University of Delhi19/10/202319/10/2023Special LectureDr. Muruganandam PDepartment of Physics 
26Workshop on RAGGING FREE CAMPUS16/10/202316/10/2023WorkshopDr. MASILAMANI PAnti Ragging Cell 
27INTER-UNIVERSITY FOOD FEST - 202316/10/202316/10/2023-Dr. SIVARAMAKRISHNAN SDepartment of Biotechnology 
28STUDENTS INDUCTION PROGRAMME – 202303/10/202307/10/2023Induction ProgrammeDr. NATARAJAMURTHY PBharathidasan UniversitySTUDENT INDUCTION PROGRAMME  
29G20 University Connect Event25/09/202325/09/2023Live WebcastDr. GOPINATH GUniversity Informatics CentreVenue : VC Studio, University Informatics Centre 
30 Workshop on Innovative Approaches for a Sustainable Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture12/09/202313/09/2023WorkshopDr. SANTHANAM PDepartment of Marine Science 
31International Conference on Algae - Food, Feed, Fuel and Fine Chemicals06/09/202308/09/2023ConferenceDr. MURALITHARAN G & DHANASEKARAN DDepartment of MicrobiologyInternational Conference 
32HANDS-ON TRAINING ON MASS PRODUCTION OF MARINE CLADOCERANS AND COPEPODS (MPMCC-2023)29/08/202331/08/2023Training ProgrammeDr. SANTHANAM PDepartment of Marine Science 
33Recipe for Successful Publications in Social Sciences22/08/202322/08/2023WorkshopDr. ASOKAN TDepartment of HistoryNATIONAL WORKSHOP JOINTLY ORGANIZED BY DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND CENTRE FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 
34மகாகவி பாரதியும் சுதந்திர இயக்கமும் - ஒரு நாள் கருத்தரங்கு14/08/202314/08/2023SeminarDr. LakshmiPrabha Aபாரதியார் இருக்கை (Bharathiar Chair) 
35Celebration of 'INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA 2023'21/06/202321/06/2023-Dr. Lakshmiprabha ANational Service Scheme (NSS) , Centre for Spirituality & Yogic Science and Centre for Swami Vivekananda StudiesVenue: Khajamalai Campus 
36ONE DAY NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON E-CONTENT DEVELOPMENT FOR DISTANCE EDUCATION21/04/202321/04/2023WorkshopDr. Edward William Benjamin ADepartment of EducationVenue : VC Studio, University Informatics Centre 
37Celebration of Bharat Ratna, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's 132nd Birth Anniversary - Equality Day (Ambedkar Jayanthi)14/04/202314/04/2023Significant EventDr. MATHAN GDr. Ambedkar Chair- 
38National Seminar on Climate Change and Human Health-A Global Prospective (CCHH-2023) 28/03/202328/03/2023SeminarDr. GOVINDARAJU MDepartment of Environmental Biotechnology 
39Seminar on Problems & Prospects of Groundwater Usage in Urban Areas 09/03/202311/03/2023SeminarDr. MASILAMANI PDepartment of GeographySponsored by RUSA 2.0 & ISRS - Tiruchirappalli Regional Chapter 
40National Science Day Celebrations28/02/202328/02/2023-Dr. Tamilselvan ADepartment of MathematicsQuiz Programme 
41Intercollegiate Science Meet - Cenitterz T2328/02/202328/02/2023Student SymposiaDr. RAJESH KANNAN VDepartment of MicrobiologySTUDENT SYMPOSIA  
42National Science Day Celebrations28/02/202328/02/2023-Dr. SIVARAMAKRISHNAN SDepartment of Biotechnology 
43National Science Day Celebrations - Special Lectures by Dr. A. Sundaresan28/02/202328/02/2023Special LectureDr. Muruganandam PDepartment of PhysicsSpecial Lecture 
44National Science Day Celebrations - Special Lecture 28/02/202328/02/2023Special LectureDr. Thirumurugan RDepartment of Animal Science 
45National Science Day Celebrations28/02/202328/02/2023-Dr. Thamaraiselvi KDepartment of Environmental BiotechnologyInvited Talk 
46National Seminar On Intellectual Property Rights: Current Issues & Challenges24/02/202324/02/2023SeminarDr. SATHIYABAMA MIntellectual Property Rights Cell 
47XLVI INDIAN SOCIAL SCIENCE CONGRESS (FOCAL THEME: SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS OF SWARAJ INDIA)27/01/202331/01/2023ConferenceDr. SENTHILNATHAN SBharathidasan UniversityJointly Organized by Bharathidasan University and Indian Social Science Academy, Prayagraj (Allahabad)
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48Eighteenth International Seminar (Webinar) on 'DYNAMICS OF EMERGING BUSINESS INNOVATION AND TRENDS - ACADEMIA INDUSTRY ROLE'06/01/202307/01/2023SeminarDr. Selvam MDepartment of Commerce and Financial StudiesVenue : VC Studio, University Informatics Centre 

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