Red Ribbon Club (RRC)
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli - 620 024
Tamil Nadu, India

Red Ribbon Club – A Youth Initiative on HIV / AIDS

Red Ribbon Club (RRC) Programme is a voluntary on-campus intervention, aimed at heightening the risk perception and preventing HIV among youth. Red Ribbon Clubs have become a powerful medium to reach out to young people. Spearheaded by the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS), with the technical assistance from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, this programme is duly supported by the Department of Higher Education and Department of Technical Education with the technical assistance from Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta demonstrating the importance of inter-sector collaboration to address the issue of HIV /AIDS. RRCs empower students in the age group of 17-25, by giving them information and life-skills to protect themselves from HIV/ AIDS and changing the most active among them into peer educators.


  •   Lack of social platform and gap in the academic curriculum for youth to address the psycho-social needs of adolescents on issues related to gender, sex and sexuality.
  •   Inadequate/inaccurate information available for youth on HIV /AIDS
  •   Young minds are impressionable and reaching to youth can effect behaviour change
  •   Youth do lack skills to cope up with day to day life


  • 1. To reduce new HIV infection among youth by raising their risk perception through Life Skills Education and creating awareness on Sex, Sexuality and HIV & AIDS.
  • 2. To induce among youth the spirit to help and support people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) there by reducing stigma and discrimination against People living with HIV/AIDS.
  • 3. To motivate youth and build their capacity as peer educators and change agents by developing their skills on leadership, negotiation and team building.
  • 4. To promote voluntary non-remunerated blood donation among youth.


Red Ribbon Club Program with the objective of bringing about behaviour change in young minds employs various strategies like:

  •  Importing 6 to 10 hour sessions on the curriculum "Celebrating Life"
  •  Peer education and leadership trainings
  •  Competitions (Debates, Quiz, Drawing, Paintings, etc.)
  •  Interactions with positive people and counsellors of ICTC/ART/Blood bank
  •  Interactions with Transgender, Dietician & Gynaecologist
  •  Peer leaders conventions
  •  Awareness campaigns (Rallies, Outreach activities)

RRC Organogram
RRC Organogram


Coordinator, Red Ribbon Club (RRC)
Professor, Department of Botany
Bharathidasan University,Tiruchirappalli