Youth Red Cross Zone (YRC)
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli - 620 024
Tamil Nadu, India


No hard and fast rules are laid down regarding Youth Red Cross activities. The programme should be adopted to the particular needs of the unit under Programme Officer's guidance. Youth should be encouraged to manage their own affairs and choose their own activities. Their programme should as far as possible include something under each of the following heads.

  •  Promotion of Health and Hygiene
  •  Service to others
  •  Relief work during emergencies like flood, fire and other natural calamities.
  •  National Integration
  •  World Friendliness

Service to Others

  •  Organization of Blood grouping and donation camps with the help of Chief District Medical Officers/ Blood Bank Officers. The report to such camps should be sent to YRC State Branch Office.
  •  A directory of blood donors in the college may be brought out and given to hospitals and service organizations.
  •  Organize demonstration of fire fighting in consultation with fire station near the college. Steps may be taken to impart training in Fire Fighting and Rescue Operation to the YRC volunteers as per the guidelines as may be sent from the YRC Headquarters.
  •  Render help and assistance to the needy and meritorious handicap students (such as the blind) of all colleges.
  •  Organize 5 days or 10 days training camps of Youth Red Cross near the college in the holidays.
  •  Organize short duration (one day, two days or three days) specific service programmes/ camps during local fairs and Festivals.
  •  Taking care of the sick and wounded persons.
  •  Organization of Non-formal adult education, literacy campaigns, sewing and handicraft training programmes etc.
  •  Construction of roads, digging wells/tanks/ponds/drains/channel for water management, rain water harvesting in the college/ nearby village.
  •  Cleaning and de-weeding of tanks/ ponds with the help of the local people.
  •  Tree plantation and afforestation
  •  Drives for small saving and co-operatives
  •  Identification of the needy poor persons.
  •  Create awareness for development of diary, poultry, fishery, beekeeping, mushroom cultivation etc.
  •  Supply of medicines, fruits etc. to sick children
  •  Extending financial and material aid to the disabled and needy students of the college
  •  Provide garments to the needy patients, especially children in the hospitals
  •  Visit Anganvadi, Orphanage, Schools for the blind, institution of the physically handicapped with gifts.
  •  Hospital Service-assisting in the dressing of wounds, in arranging the hospital library, taking care of the sick, OP crown regulation etc.
  •  Save the environment from pollution education on population control
  •  Observance of World Health Day, Blood Donation Day, World Red Cross Day etc. as would be instructed by the YRC Head Quarters.

Emergency Relief Work

Organize Disaster Service camps during natural or man-made disasters like flood, drought, earthquake, cyclone, tsunami, fire accident, ethnic violence etc. at the site.

Special Service Camps may also be arranged within the reach of the college

  •  Immediate emergency relief measures to victims in the vicinity of the college may be taken on priority basis with available funds as per the directions of Principal and on the recommendation of YRC Programme Officer of the college.
  •  Relief materials and funds may be collected from public with proper authorization from the Principal and assistance of the YRC Programme Officer by the YRC Volunteers to be distributed to the victims of disaster.
  •  The YRC unit in the college must co-operate and co-ordinate with the local administration and other NGOs for the mitigation of the sufferings of the disaster victims and all possible helps to the authorities in the survey, identification and enumeration of victims.
  •  Report on such disaster relief activities may be sent to YRC Head Quarters.

National Integration

  •  Goodwill and cultural exchange visits to different colleges at the State and National level may be organized.
  •  Inter-collegiate hiking/ trekking/ cycling expedition may be arranged at National level.
  •  Poster, Essay, Oratorical and Cultural Programmes competitions on the theme "National Integration" may be organized at the State Regional and National levels.
  •  Inter-State cultural competitions, study camps, orientation and training programmes etc. should be organized in each State branch regularly and annually during holidays for YRC volunteers, ensuring that all the other state volunteers participate in these programmes to promote integration in the young minds.
  •  Participation of YRC volunteers in the youth festivals conducted in the National level.