Youth Red Cross Zone (YRC)
Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli - 620 024
Tamil Nadu, India

YRC Norms

How to start an YRC unit?

The YRC Programme Officers should interact with and clearly explain to all the students, the aims and basic principles of YRC as and when he/she meets them during their free time. Joining in YRC unit will help the students in leadership qualities in serving the needy and vulnerable, should be precisely presented to them. Their interest is to be kindled and activated by constant, continued and committed counseling. Only those students who are really interested, enthusiastic and service-minded should be taken as volunteers and YRC unit is to be started with this core group. These student members will then elect from among themselves the Office bearers i.e. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary and draw up the action plan well in advance in consultation with the Programme Officer and the Principal for the academic year strictly adhering to the principles of Red Cross movement.

Registration of YRC unit with IRCS, Tamil Nadu State Branch

YRC units in colleges need to be registered with Indian Red Cross Society Tamil Nadu Branch (IRCS, TNB) by paying Annual Registration fee of Rs.20/- per College as per the Government order. A Proforma sent to the college from YRC HQ requiring the details of the college is to be duly filled and submitted for registration purposes.

The following list of records and registers is to be maintained by the YRC unit.

  •  Enrolment Register of volunteers
  •  Income & Expenditure Register
  •  Stock Register
  •  Attendance Register for volunteers
  •  Register of Project Activity Reports
  •  Minutes Book
  •  Visitors Book
  •  Blood Donors Directory

Expenditure Norms

YRC membership subscription will be collected from all the students. The Norms for Expenditure of the YRC funds collected from students and other sources are the following:

  •  Furniture
  •  Refreshments
  •  Travelling expenses for both YRC Programming Officers and Students Volunteers
  •  Stationery/ Photographs/ Mementos
  •  Contingency
  •  Programmes and Activities/ Blood donations