University Informatics Centre


High Performance Computing (HPC)

The High Performance Computing facility at Bharathidasan University has been installed to provide software resources and services to solve computationally-intensive research problems. This central facility has been established under the Department of Science and Technology's DST-PURSE (Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence) scheme at a cost of Rs. 1.3 crores for the benefit of faculty and research scholars of the University. The facility is designed to be utilized by the BDU student community for their research needs like Numerical Analysis, Molecular Modeling, Docking and Dynamic Simulations of Biological Macromolecular systems such as protein and DNA using the HPC Software Suite. This facility can be utilized by the faculty and students from their department computers itself by using the campus network.

The facility has One Head Node and 10 Compute Nodes with each compute node consisting of 2 numbers of 10 core processors. This system also has a storage capacity of 18 Tera Bytes.

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Central Computing Laboratory

The UIC has central computing laboratory for catering to the academic, research and general purpose computing needs of the students, faculty, and staff. The Laboratory is also utilized by the students from constituent colleges, and affiliated colleges. The laboratory is also used for giving hands-on training programmes and webniars to participants of Refresher courses, Orientation courses, Short term courses, Workshops etc. The computing laboratory has 110 Computers connected to a central Server. The lab functions from 8 AM to 8 PM on all days except National Holidays. The Laboratory is equipped with Necessary Software Tools, IP Surveillance Cameras, Audio System and a Smart Board to teach and demonstrate.

Video Conferencing Studio / Smart Class Room

Informatics Centr is providing Video Conferencing services since 2000. Video Conferencing facilities are being upgraded with state of art technology by providing High Definition Video Conferencing systems. The studio also has a Smart Class Room. A Smart Classroom is a traditional lecture style teaching space that has available technological equipment that can be used to aid and enhance instruction of a course. The Smart Class Room in the University Informatics Centre has an latest model podium, a notebook computer with 1 Gbps Internet Connection, Interactive Projector, HD Camera and a Touch Screen Smart Board.

This smart class room is utilized by the University Departments and Constituent Colleges for conducting Special Lectures, Ph.D., Viva Voce Examinations, Programming Courses, Refresher / Orientation Courses (conducted by the UGC Human Resource Development Centre), Training Workshops, Conference Sessions etc.,