University Informatics Centre
Networks and Connectivity

Quick Facts
Wired Network
Computers Connected > 1500 Systems
30 Buildings,  2 campuses
Speed 1 Gbps (Palakalaiperur Campus) – NKN
27 Mbps (Khajamalai Campus) – BSNL

Wireless Network
Computers Connected > 1600 Systems (2 campuses)
No. of Access Points 145

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Contact Person

R. Manimaran
Network Engineer, University Informatics Centre
Bharathidasan Universtiy
Phone: 0431 2407007
Intercom: 2407002 Ext. 404

Networks and Connectivity

University Informatics Centre works closely with all the faculty, students and staff of the university to expand access to network and internet resources and to ensure maximizing network security.


The University has 1 Gbps bandwidth internet connectivity (NKN - National Knowledge Network - Upgraded in 2013) for the Palkalaiperur campus and 28 Mbps for the Khajamalai campus. Internet connectivity is provided in almost all the buildings of the BDU campuses by a proliferation of network jacks and automatic network configuration (DHCP).

Wired Network

The BDU network ensures critical day-to-day e-governance functionalities as the administrative offices, departments, classroom complexes and hostels are interconnected through the campus wide network (Optical Fiber Cable Backbone). Bharathidasan University has a big network consisting of high configuration network devices servicing over 1400 data points in nearly 30 buildings on 2 campuses.

Wireless Network

Along the with the wired network, Wireless internet connectivity using Wi-Fi technology is also established as a secondary backbone. Wireless networking allows faculty, staff, students, and authenticated guests/visitors to access the network. The Wireless Internet (WiFi) facility has been provided to all the buildings of Palkalaiperur campus. A Wireless Controller has been installed to provide maximum WiFi coverage, authentication and security. With 75 access points, around 1500 authenticated Wifi users are connected to BDU wireless network.

With a liberal grant from DST PURSE, both wired and wireless network infrastructure at our campus has been upgraded with state of the art equipments.

Network Security

To provide end-to-end network security, packet filtering and intrusion prevention services, a firewall has been configured with a throughput of 20 Gbps with 16 Interfaces. In addition to that a top-notch antivirus has been installed to provide maximum defence against malware and to safeguard the desktop systems from viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, and other security risks. To control and monitor the network traffic, a Network Monitoring System (NMS) has been deployed to monitor the network switches, bandwidth usage and network traffic.