About the University Informatics Centre

The University Informatics Centre (The Computer Centre and Informatics Centre) is Bharathidasan University’s central technology facilitator for research, academic and administrative systems of the University. The Centre supports the university's mission through innovative uses of technology and service excellence.

The centre provides the essential IT systems and services, such as email, network security, authentication, e-Governance, communications, and troubleshooting for computer hardware and software.

The centre helps academic departments and administrative offices automate any administrative or academic procedure to increase the efficacy and efficiency of the operation.


To support the mission of the University by delivering innovative and sustainable technology solutions


To be an impeccable IT service provider to the University faculty, students and staff for supporting the University’s missions of teaching, learning and research


Service – Communication – Transparency - Consistency

  •  Computer Centre
    (1986 Onwards)
  •  Informatics Centre
    (1994 Onwards)

Profile of the Centre