High Performance Computing Facility

The High Performance Computing facility at Bharathidasan University has been installed to provide software resources and services to solve computationally-intensive research problems.

The facility is designed to be utilized by the BDU student community for their research needs like Numerical Analysis, Molecular Modeling, Docking and Dynamic Simulations of Biological Macromolecular systems such as protein and DNA using the HPC Software Suite.

Quick Facts

Funding Cost Year of Establishment Nodes Processor Storage
DST-PURSE (Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence)  1.3 Crores 2017 Head Node: 1
Compute Nodes: 10
10 Core 18 TB


  • To carry out and perform computationally intensive calculations, simulations and analyses with increased speed and accuracy than the normal computer systems
  • To publish the research output in journals with high impact factor
  • To enhance the quality of research work at the international level

Service Audience

Research Scholars | Faculty


 Thiru. R. Padmanaban