Networking, Internet and WiFi

The University's Palkalaiperur campus has 1 Gbps bandwidth internet connectivity (NKN - National Knowledge Network - Upgraded in 2013), while the Khajamalai campus has 100 Mbps. Almost every building on the BDU campuses has internet access thanks to a plethora of network jacks and automatic network configuration (DHCP).

Wired Network

As the administrative offices, departments, classroom complexes, and dormitories are connected through the campus-wide network (Optical Fibre Cable Backbone), the BDU network ensures essential daily digital/online functionalities. Over 1400 data points are serviced by a large network at Bharathidasan University, which spans two campuses and close to 30 buildings. This network is made up of high-configuration network equipment.

Wireless Network

Wireless internet connectivity utilising Wi-Fi technology is also built as a secondary backbone alongside the traditional network. Faculty, staff, students, and authorised guests/visitors can all access the network thanks to wireless networking. All of the buildings on the Palkalaiperur campus have access to Wireless Internet (WiFi). In order to provide the best WiFi signal strength, security, and authentication, a Wireless Controller has been installed. Around 1500 verified WiFi users are connected to the BDU wireless network through 75 access points.

The wired and wireless network infrastructure of Bharathidasan University has been renovated with cutting-edge technology thanks to a generous funding from DST PURSE.

Service Audience

All Students | Research Scholars | Faculty | Staff | Guests

Connectivity Details

Connection Speed Service Provider No. of Building and Systems
Palkalaiperur Campus Khajamalai Campus Palkalaiperur Campus Khajamalai Campus Palkalaiperur Campus Khajamalai Campus
1 Gbps 100 Mbps National Knowledge Network (NKN) BSNL 30 7
Railnet 100 Mbps connection has been used as a redundant line (secondary).

Connectivity Speed Timeline

  • 1 Gbps

  • 150 Mbps

  • 8 Mbps

  • 4 Mbps

  • 2 Mbps

  • 1 Mbps

  • 64 Kbps

  • 9 Kbps

    Informatics Centre has been established


 Thiru. R. Manimaran