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Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli - 620 024
Tamil Nadu, India

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

fiir-jasco-6600 The FT/IR-6000 Series is controlled by Spectra Manager™ cross-platform software. Spectra Manager™ includes various capabilities including Spectra measurement, Quick-Start, spectral comparison and quantitative analysis as standard functions. The sample measurement screen can be customized according to user requirements and the customized screen and parameters.


Specific Features of FTIR

  •  Spectra Manager™ Suite software with KnowItAll Informatics.
  •  FT/IR-6600 and the FT/IR-6700 – aluminium optics.
  •  All instruments include a high output ceramic source, KBr beam splitter and DLaTGS detector.
  •  A full range of sampling accessories with IQ accessory recognition.
  •  Vibration-proof optical bench.
  •  Large sample compartment.
  •  Retro-reflector (corner-cube) mirrors with auto-alignment to optimize energy throughput.
  •  Detectors from DLaTGS, InGaAs, InSb, MCT and He-cooled Bolometers.
  •  Range of beam splitter materials with either manual or automatic exchange.
  •  Optional FTIR microscopy and IR Imaging for both micro and macro measurement.
  •  Rapid scan and step-scan (microsecond or nanosecond).
  •  Wavenumber extension option (25,000 to 10 cm-1).
  •  Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) option.

Technical Specifications

Model Number JASCO FT/IR-6600
Wavelength range Spectral Range: 7800-350cm-1

Spectral Resolution 0.4 cm-1

Wavelength Precision ±/-0.01 cm-1

Wave length Accuracy ±/-0.01 cm-1

Signal to Noise Ratio 45,000:1 Peak-peak, 1 minute

Detector DLATGS Detector

Interferometer 28o Michelson interferometer Corner cube mirror Interferometer with
auto alignment mechanism

Source High intensity ceramic source

Beam Splitter KBr/Ge

Optics Inbuilt-heater for moisture protection: provided as standard through RESUME switch facility will avoid moisture contents in the beam splitter in interferometer and cumbersome procedure of desiccant changing

Details of FTIR

Sponsored AgencyDST- PURSE programme (Phase -2) (Sanction Order No- SR/PURSE Phase 2/16 (C)/2017)

Tariff Details

Name of the Instrument BDU Departments Affiliated Colleges Other Universities / Institutes Industries / Non-academics
FTIR  100  100  200  500

* Additional 18% GST.