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General Science
S.No. Name of the Title
1 Current Science
2 Indian Journal of Dairy science
3 Indian Journal of Forestry
4 International Journal of Medical and Dental
5 Journal of  Non Timber Forest Products
6 Journal of Endocrinology and Reproduction
7 Science , Technology & Society
8 Shanlax International of Arts, Science & Humanities
9 The India Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
# Name of the Title
1Journal of Mathematical Society
2The Mathematical Education
# Name of the Title
1Journal of the Indian Chemical Society
2Journal of Chemical Sciences
Life Science
# Name of the Title
1Australian Geographer
2Geological Society of India
Earth Sciences
# Name of the Title
1Down to Earth
Library Science
# Name of the Title
1IALA Journal
2Indian Journal of Information Sources and services
3Indian Journal of Information, Library & Society
4International Journal of Dissemination And Technology
5KELPRO Bulletin
6SRELS Journal of Information Management
# Name of the Title
1 China Report
2 Economic & Political Weekly
3 Global Development Review
4 Indian Economic and Social History Review
5 Journal of Industrial Economics
6 Journal of Social History
7 SAJOSPS- South Asian Journal of Social-Political Studies
8 Shanlax –International Journal of Economics
Southern Economist
Social Sciences
# Name of the Title
1Current Sociology
2Education Law Cases
3Journal of Community Guidance and Research
4Journal of Social Work
5Legal News & Views
6Social Action
7Social Scientist
8Studies in Humanities & Social Sciences
# Name of the Title
1American Journal of Education
3Indian Journal of Adult Education
4Shanlax –International Journal of Education
Physical Education
# Name of the Title
1Journal of Exercise Science & Physiotherapy
2Journal of Sports Management
3Journal of Teaching in Physical Education
4Sport Star
# Name of the Title
2Studies in History
# Name of the Title
1Journal of management & Entrepreneurship
2Shanlax-International Journal of Commerce
3Shanlax-International Journal of Management
4SMART Journal of Business Management
# Name of the Title
1 Shanlax- International Journal of Tamil Studies
2 Shanlax- International Journal of English
General Magazines
# Name of the Title
1 Competition Affairs
2 Competition Success Review
3 Employment News
4 Frontline
5 Indian Today
6 Kurukshetra
7 Reader Digest
8 Sattakadhir
9 Tamil Computer
10 The Week
11 Woman’s Era
12 Yojana