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Library Services

Power up your Academics using our Library

  • Circulation service is a key section of a library that deals with the lending of library books and other materials to users. The main public service point is the circulation desk, providing lending services and facilities for return of borrowed materials. Renewal of materials and payment of fines are also handled at the circulation desk. Circulation staff may provide basic search and reference services as well.

  • This service helps users find the information they need by referring them to appropriate resources or experts.

  • Photocopying, scanning, and printing services are library services that allow users to make copies of library materials or print documents. These services are essential for our students as they help them access and use library materials.

  • Through Document delivery service we allow users to request materials either in original or its copy in print or non-print form to their desired location.

  • Literature search is a library service that we offer our users to find information on a specific topic. This service includes searching databases, catalogs, and other resources for relevant information. Literature search is an essential service we provide by to our users.

  • Federated search is a library service that allows users to search multiple databases or resources at once. This service helps users save time and find relevant information more quickly.

  • The resources subscribed by the Library is available not only to the academicians of Bharathidasan University, but also to the affiliated colleges.

  • The Citation profile and reference management is a library service that helps users manage their citations and references. This service includes tools for organizing, formatting, and citing sources.

  • An Institutional Repository is an online locus for collecting, preserving, retrieving and disseminating information in digital format and displays the intellectual output of Bharathidasan University. Here, at BDU, we have archived all the research publications of our academicians.

  • It is a service that aims to support students who may have difficulty affording or accessing the required textbooks for their courses. The Book Bank facility is generally targeted at students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds or those facing financial constraints. Students need to contact the Librarian to apply for the facility.

  • WebOPAC grants patrons and other visitors the access to browse the entire library collection. The Library collection's bibliographic data and whereabouts can be searching for. The user can search using fields such as Author, Title, Subject, Keyword etc. to know the availability of library documents and to save the time of user.

  • This is the Library‚Äôs service to notify users of new information or updates on the document borrowed. This service includes email alerts, SMS, and other notifications.

  • CAS aims to provide timely and relevant information to support the research, teaching, and learning needs of library patrons. This facility guarantees that our patrons are up-to-date with all the documents available in the Library, especially new arrivals. This is made possible through e-mail and SMS services. Through this facility, patrons also get reminders about their book renewal, due date and so on.

  • This is an indispensable service our Library delivers to our users. Catering to the need of our academicians, we give exclusive access to subscribed electronic resources such as databases, e-journals, and e-books, through registered University Wi-fi.

  • This service includes borrowing materials from other libraries or sources and delivering them to the user.

  • Through this service, our users find information on a specific topic. This service includes providing reference assistance, answering questions, and helping users navigate library resources. It is a personal aid provided to the user by the library staff in interpreting library collection for study and research. The library staff assists users to locate the needed information from available resources.

  • It is a crucial service that help users learn how to use the Library's resources, facilities and services effectively and responsibly. This service includes providing instruction on how to search databases, use citation tools, and evaluate sources. The sessions happen on a regular interval.

  • As the very name says, this is a feature available at our Library to enable our users to access electronic resources off-campus.

  • The Library offers various research support and assistance including resources, research design, tools, strategic planning, research impact and so on.

  • In the exhaustive page powered by IRINS, the University's research details, impact and current publication information can be viewed.

  • Academic integrity and ethics is the heart of any library. And so it is with our Library. Through this service, we impart the knowledge and importance of academic integrity, research ethics and avoiding plagiarism. The service includes providing instruction on how to cite sources properly, avoid plagiarism, and maintain academic integrity. Furthurmore, the researchers can use our advanced plagiarism-checking tools to ensure the originality of their research.