School of Business Studies

Department of Commerce and Financial Studies

The Department of Commerce was formed on 28.12.1998 with the objectives of promoting research, teaching and training in the frontier fields of Commerce. In a short span of time, the Department has established itself in the area of Finance. In recognition of the excellent contributions made in the field of Finance, the University has renamed it as the Department of Commerce and Financial Studies. The Department offers M.B.A (Financial Management), M.Phil (Management) and Ph.D (Commerce and Management).

To progress into an Advanced Centre for Financial Studies and also a Change Agent through excellence in learning and quality in research and linkages with the community to improve the quality of the collective existence of the community at large.

To structure our learning process in such a way that the vision outlined above is translated into reality through workable strategies.

We believe in continuously improving the process for attaining excellence in all we do, be it teaching, research, consulting, training, or outreach programs.

We believe in strengthening financial practices in corporates on an ethical foundation and high standards of professional behaviour

We promote innovation and entrepreneurial spirit through CREATIVE DESTRUCTION of the practices not relevant to the knowledge era.

We believe in working together to learn from and act on situations and ideas from diverse perspectives

Pro - activeness
We anticipate and prepare ourselves in advance to meet emerging situations rather than simply reacting to situations.

The department has been constantly refining its modules to suit the needs of the Industry. The syllabus is revised every three years and assessment methods are constantly modified. The corner stone of the pedagogy used in the Department is the Case Study method of learning. Case discussions are supplemented with guest lectures, seminars, workshops, Industrial Visit, management games, industrial training- cum- project and so on.

'புதியதோர் உலகம் செய்வோம்'
We will create a brave new world