School of Computer Science, Engineering & Applications

Department of Computer Engineering & Technology

Department of Computer Engineering & Technology located in the Khajamalai Campus is a part of School of Computer Science, Engineering & Applications of Bharathidasan University. The Computer Science field is one of the fastest growing and highest paying career paths in the world. The Department of Computer Science has been established in the Academic year 2005-2006. Earlier the M.C.A programme is offered by the Department of Computer Science. At present, the School offers the following degrees; Master of Computer Applications, Master of Computer Science Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Engineering. The main objective of the department is to produce worldwide competitive, highly skilled, socially responsible Computer Science graduates who can work in highly challenging and dynamic knowledge based industry and pursue higher education.

The growth is possible due to the staff members who put every bit of their soul towards establishing this department into one of the country's best. They exercise a special responsibility in providing leadership and in fostering excellence in research, teaching, professional activities and policy development in the academic discipline. The department has flexibility in framing courses and conducting tests and examinations. The research programs of the Department cover a number of areas like Data Mining, Information / Network Security, Image Processing, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Wireless Communications, Machine Learning, Molecular Computing and Semantic Web. ALUMNIs of the department placed in prominent positions in India and abroad are visiting the department, motivate the young students and explore employment opportunities.

The School of Computer Science and Engineering is functioning as an integral part of Bharthidasan University Technology Park (BUTP). This Technology Park is committed very seriously to promote IT culture and to bring out major IT players to this geography. It also tries to bring up young entrepreneurs and to incubate the innovative concepts from budding IT professionals.Incubation and Technology Transfer Centre is a unique and innovative facility in the School which provides the platform for the students to start an enterprise or a business firm that would provide job opportunities to other students as well..


* To conceive and conduct programmes in Computer Science and Engineering at Undergraduate, Post-graduate,
   M.Phil. and Ph.D. levels to train students as Software and Hardware Engineers
* To train students as Researchersfor the Industrial, Academic and Research institutions
* To associate with institutions and industries in a meaningful way to transfer technology and
* To render consultancy and testing services to the industries.


* To engrave character and value based education in the minds of youth and manifest the perfection already in man.
* To develop this institution into a temple of higher learning, providing quality education and opportunities for
   all round development of the students and to excel in higher education, research and extension in different discipline.


* School of Computer Science and Engineering strives to achieve excellence in education through quality education,
   preparing the students to face today's world with confidence by giving them competency based education.