School of Earth Sciences

Department of Remote Sensing

After witnessing the astonishing newer packages of information during 1989 – 1994 in the field of Geological Remote Sensing from the Remote Sensing Team of the then School of Earth Sciences, the Centre for Remote Sensing was founded by Bharathidasan University in 1994. Since then, the Centre has been engaging in many out-reach programmes of Academia in Earth Sciences through Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics and brought out packages of information for different parts of the Indian Peninsular on

  • Mineral, Hydrocarbon and Aquifer habitats
  • Neo / Active Tectonics, models on modern Geological processes and their control over Riverine, Coastal and Hydrological ecosystems and Natural Disasters
  • Applied Geomorphology
  • Water Resources mapping & management
  • Natural Disaster mapping & management
  • Information Systems / Spatial Decision Support Systems, etc.
  • Various research programmes and the scintillating research inventions made through over 70 research projects sponsored by various National and International funding agencies to the tune of 20 Crores, forms think-tanks for the academic programmes such as

  • M.Tech., Geological Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics (from 1994 – till date)
  • M.Sc., Geoinformatics (2005-2010) and
  • 6 Year Integrated M.Tech., Geological Technology and Geoinformatics (from 2008 – till date).

These high-end academic programmes are extremely popular drawing students from all over the country.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has recognized the Centre as one of the Centres of Excellence in Remote Sensing with Hi-tech lab grant. Now, the Centre has been conferred the status of the DEPARTMENT OF REMOTE SENSING. The Centre/Department has also made a giant leap in the arena of Extension Academia by conducting over 70 Training Programmes / Conferences / Workshops / Brain Storms, etc., and trained over 500 University & College teachers and thus had the pride of introducing Remote Sensing and GIS technologies in the academic system all over the country. Besides publishing over 600 scientific papers / popular articles and over 15 books / edited volumes, the faculties are membering several higher academic / research bodies around the world and have also received many awards and citations.

'புதியதோர் உலகம் செய்வோம்'
We will create a brave new world