Department of Physical Education And Yoga

Sports Achievements

Commendable Achievements in the Inter-University Tournaments

S. No Game Zone Position Year
1Athletics (W)AISilver2022
2Powerlifting (M)AIBronze2022
3Athletics (M)SWZSilver2022
4Athletics (W)SWZSilver2022
5Chess (M)SZFourth2022
6Handball (M)SZFourth2022
7Athletics (W)KIUBronze2021
8Athletics (M)KIUSilver2021
9Athletics (W)AISilver2021
10Athletics (M)AISilver2021
11Handball (W)SZFourth2021
12Kabaddi (M)SZWinners2021
13Football (M)SZThird2021
14Athletics (M)AIBronze2018
15Athletics (W)AISilver2018
16Athletics (W)AIGold2018
17Handball (M)TNIUThird2017
18Weight lifting (M)TNIUBronze2017
19Weight lifting (M)TNIUSilver2017
20Weight lifting (M)TNIUGold-22017
21Badminton (M)TNIURunners-up2017
22Weight lifting (M)AISilver2016
23Athletics (M)SZBronze2016
24Athletics (M)SZSilver-22016
25Athletics (W)SZSilver2016
26Athletics (W)SZBronze2016
27Handball (M)SZThird2016
28Football (M)TNIURunners-up2016
29Athletics (W)TNIUBronze2016
30Athletics (M)TNIUBronze2016
31Athletics (M)TNIUGold2016
32Athletics (W)TNIUGold2016
33Athletics (M)SZGold2015
34Kabaddi (M)SZFourth2015
35Athletics (M)TNIUGold2015
36Athletics (W)TNIUGold2015
37Athletics (M)TNIUBronze2015
38Athletics (M)TNIUSilver2015
39Table Tennis (M)TNIUFourth2015
40Volleyball (M)TNIURunners-up2015
41Football (M)TNIUWinners2015
42Weight lifting (M)AIBronze2014
43Power lifting (M)AIBronze2014
44Power lifting (M)AISilver2014
45Handball (W)SZRunners-up2014
46Athletics (M)AIBronze2014
47Athletics (W)AIBronze2014
48Power lifting (M)AIBronze2013
49Weight lifting (M)AIBronze2013
50Weight lifting (W)AIGold2013
51Fencing (M)AISilver2013
52Hockey (M)SZRunners-up2013
53Handball (M)SZWinners2013
54Handball (W)SZThird2013
55Athletics (M &W)AISilver–2, Bronze-42011
56Weight lifting (W)AISilver-12011
58Athletics (M &W)AIGold-1, Silver-22010
59Hockey (M)SZFourth2010
60Netball (W)AIThird2009
61Weight lifting (M&W)AISilver-1, Bronze-12009
62Athletics (W)AIGold-12009
63Ball Badminton (W)AIFourth2009
64Hockey (M)SZFourth2009
65Netball (W)AIThird2009
66Ball Badminton (W)AIFourth2009
67Hockey (M)SZWinners2008
68Basketball (M)SZFourth2008
69Ball Badminton (M)TNIURunners-up2008
70Net Ball (W)SWZThird2008
71Net Ball (W)AIFourth2007
72Weight Lifting (W)AIGold-12006
73Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners2005
74Volley Ball (M)AIThird2004
75Ball Badminton (M)AIRunners-up2004
76Volley Ball (M)AIRunners-up2003
77Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners2003
78Volley Ball (M)AIWinners2002
79Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners2002
80Volley Ball (M)AIThird2001
81Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners2001
82Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners2000
83Volley Ball (M)AIThird1999
84Ball Badminton (M)AIRunners-up1999
85Volley Ball (M)AIThird1998
86Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners1993
87Ball Badminton (M)AIRunners-up1990
88Kabaddi (M)SZRunners-up1988
89Table Tennis (W)SZWinners1988
90Ball Badminton (M)AIRunners-up1987
91Hockey (M)SZThird1985
92Ball Badminton (M)AIRunners-up1985
93Basket Ball (M)SZRunners-up1984
94Ball Badminton (M)AIWinners1984

AI - All India Inter University
SZ - South Zone Inter University
SWZ - South West Zone Inter University
TNIU - Tamil Nadu Inter University

Bharathidasan University is honouring the outstanding sports personnel’s, those who brought laurels to the University in the All India Inter-University tournaments by cash award since 2000-2001. In year 2009-2010 onwards, the Prize money was also introduced for outstanding sports personals, those who brought laurels to the University in the South-West Zone and South Zone Inter-University tournaments.

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