School of Education

Department of Physical Education and Yoga

The Department of Physical Education and Yoga Centre has dedicated itself in the growth of the nation through molding the young citizens of India by means of building a strong mind and best physique through Physical activities. Physical Education, a learning experience, offers a unique opportunity for problem – solving and self-expression and socialization. A well implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component to the growth of both mind and body. The Department has started its regular sports activities of conducting Inter-Collegiate Tournaments, Inter-University Tournaments from 1982 and Academic Programmes in Physical Education since 1992.The Department of Physical Education is well equipped with modern infrastructure facilities, including facilities for all games and sports. Initially, the one year B.P.Ed. programme was started in the year 2014-15 and NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education), the statutory body, governing the teacher education institutions in the country granted the approval for the B.P.Ed. programme in the year 2014 with an intake of 100 students and from the academic session (2015-2016) granted an annual intake of 100 students (One Unit) for conducting B.P.Ed. Programme of Two year duration.

Human Consciousness Yogic Centre

The UGC has identified Nine Universities to launch a scheme for "Promotion of Yoga Education and Practice in Universities" during the year 1993. In southern part of India Bharathidasan University has got that credit to execute the scheme fruitfully. Thus the Yoga Centre was established in October 1994. It had also received Rs.10 lakhs from UGC for up-gradation of Yoga centre.


To become world class Department in high imparting quality education, teaching, coaching, training and research in the field of Physical Education and Sports.


  • To prepare highly competent and skilled researchers and teachers in the field of Physical Education & Sports and to serve the society.
  • To serve as a Centre of Excellence for training the Sportsperson in various sports and games.


To produce competent teachers, with professional training. To conduct quality research in Physical Education & Allied areas. To transmit the benefits to students, scholars and communities through Innovative (Inter-disciplinary) programmes Research in frontier areas Various Training Camps, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Project Meet and so on.