School of English and Foreign Languages

Department of English

From the beginning, the Department of English Studies has been committed to the functions of teaching, research, and teacher-training. This Department offers courses in several areas of English Literature, newly emerging Literatures of other Nations, Literary Criticism and Theory, Comparative Literature Studies, Translation, and Applied Linguistics. Due emphasis is given for the acquisition of required knowledge and development of skills. Remaining updated and quite alive to the growing significance of the English Language and English Literature Studies in the wake of quality enhancement and globalization, the Department is constantly endeavouring to introduce need-based and thoroughly updated syllabi, student-centered learning activities, latest trends, techniques, approaches and methodologies in the process of teaching, training and guiding research.

The Department has hosted several international, national and regional conferences, seminars and workshops on Canadian Literatures, Comparative Studies, Translation and English Language Teaching. Members of the Faculty have presented papers at International Seminars in Sri Lanka, Australia, USA,Canada, Israel and Hong Kong. They have also published papers in reputed literary journals and prepared textbooks for use in Colleges and Universities.

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