Department of Library & Information Science


Author : Dr. S. Srinivasaragavan

 Academic Identity an Overview ORCID ID.ppt

 BDU Orientation.ppt
 Blooming online tools in Higher Education.ppt
 Collection Development Policy.ppt
 Corporte communication.ppt
 Digital Impact on Research.ppt
 Dr.S.Srinivasaragavan- Mooc.ppt
 E LEARNING TOOLS presentation..ppt
 E-Content Development and MOOCs an overview.ppt
 Emerging Trends Library Science.ppt
 Funding Agencies in India.ppt
 Global Education & Relevant Examination Reforms.ppt
 Heritage and Traditional Knowledge Initiatives in India .ppt
 Heritage .ppt
 How To Write A Scientific Paper.ppt
 Indigenous research documentation.ppt
 Information Literacy.ppt
 Information Resources and Search Strategies.ppt
 Information Resources for teaching and research.ppt
 Learning Management System and Reference Management krishan.ppt
 Literature Review.ppt
 Mining of Web Resources.ppt
 OER Periyar University.ppt
 OER an overview.ppt
 Open Access and Open Research.ppt
 Open Educational Resources an overview.ppt
 Open SCIENCE.ppt
 Open Science and Open Data.ppt
 Open and Traditional Knowledge Initiatives in India.ppt
 Overview of Academic Libraries.ppt
 Publishing Ethics & Plagiarism .ppt
 Qualitative And Quantitative Indicators-tools And Techniques .ppt
 Qualitative And Quantitative Indicators-tools And Techniques.ppt
 Quality Assurance and Enhancement in Higher.ppt
 Reference management tools.ppt
 Report Writing .ppt
 Research Methodology hypothesis.ppt
 Research Methodology.ppt
 Research Support System 17.7.2020.ppt
 Research support services of higher academic Libraries.ppt
 Resuming Library Services Post Lockdown Challenges and Recommendations.ppt
 Scholarly Information Resources A System.ppt
 Scholarly Communication and Information System .ppt
 Scholarly communicaiton.ppt
 Strategies for research innovation and extension.ppt
 UDC 2.ppt
 Web 2.0.ppt
 Web and Internet Archive an overview.ppt
 choosing right avenues for scholarly publishing.ppt
 e-library resources .ppt
 fundiing agencies .ppt
 library as learning sources.pptx
 machine learning.ppt
 principles and function of management.ppt

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