Department of Bioinformatics


Laboratory and Class room Facilities

The Bioinformatics Laboratory is fully equipped with 2 Mbps Internet Facility, one IBM x226 server with 15 nodes (IBM-systems), 5 KVA On-line UPS, and one High end graphics workstation for Molecular Modelling and Drug Designing. Two LCD projectors and two Overhead Projectors are available for class room teaching. The lecture halls are provided with internet connections for effective teaching about various bioinformatics databases and tools.


The Department has acquired internationally acclaimed software for bioinformatics used for both teaching and research from M/S Accelrys Inc., USA. This package consists of GCG Wisconsin Package for Sequence analysis, Insight II (Life Sciences) for Molecular Modelling, Tool for Structure Activity Relationship (TSAR), Discovery Studio Modelling and Accord for Excel. The Department has also installed the genomics and proteomics software Genocluster developed by IGIB, New Delhi and marketed by Jalaja Technologies, Bangalore. Further, the laboratory also has most of the important public domain Bioinformatics software packages installed separately with academic licenses that serve as additional infrastructural platforms to enhance both teaching and research.


In addition to the books available in Main Library, more than 500 books and some important journals in the field of bioinformatics, biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, computers and applied mathematics are available in the department library.