Department of Microbiology


Major Equipments

1. Bright field, dark field and phase contrast with digital microphotography
2. Inverted Fluorescence Microscopy with digital microphotography
3. Stereo-zoom microscope with digital microphotography
4. Liquid Scintillation Counter
5. Gas Chromatography
6. Real Time PCR
7. Biologic LP system
8. Gel Documentation System
9. High speed cooling centrifuges
10. UV-vis spectrophotometer
11. PCR Machine
12. ELISA Reader
13. Deep freezers
14. BOD Incubator
15. Ultra sonicator
16. Laminar Flow Hoods
17. Autoclave
18. Biofermentor
19. CO2 Incubator
20. Vacuum concentrator
21. Lyophilization system
22. Pure water system (Milli pore water)
23. Ice flaking machine

Minor Equipments

Electronic balances, Spectrophotometer, pH meters, Lux Meter UV-chamber, , Electric conductivity meter, Vacuum pump, Temperature controlled Shaker, Refrigerators, Compound Microscopes, Hot Plate, Hot Air Oven, Membrane filtering Assembly, Magnetic Stirrer, Auto pipette, Vertical & Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Computer Systems, Research Centrifuge, Electrophoreris Unit, Photo copier & LCD.

Unique Facility

 Bio-fermentation Facility
 Radioisotope Facility
 Microalgal Mass Cultivation Centre
 Mushroom Cultivation Shed
 Experimental Nursery


e- Journals from the following publishers are accessable in the department Library
Springer publishers - 1574 Journals
Taylor and Francis Journals - 1197 Journals
Blackwell publishers- 450 Journals
Royal society of chemistry- 29 Journals
American chemical society- 32 Journals
Cambridge university press-72 Journals

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