Department of Microbiology


  •  M.Sc. Microbiology
  •  Syllabus (From 2021-2022 Onwards)
  • A Post-graduate course in Microbiology is being conducted since 1994. To this course 25 students are selected every year based on the entrance examination and under-graduate marks. Any science graduate who has completed atleast one paper in biology is eligible for this course. This is unique in that it gives opportunity to science graduate, who have not majored in biology but are capable to compete and get into Microbiology if they are interested. The syllabus has been framed in such a manner that after completing the course, the students can either do research, get employed in Microbiology related jobs, or be their own employers.

    Students complete 14 core papers including lab courses and a self study review paper in three semesters. The fourth semester is dedicated to the project work where the students choose a topic of their interest, carry out research in either Microbiology department or other institutions of repute and submit their findings in the form of a dissertation. The students will present their work in public seminar and a viva-voce will be conducted by outside experts. From 2002-2003, choice based credit system with electives is being offered.
  •  M.Phil. Microbiology
  • The Department of Microbiology is offering M.Phil Microbiology (Full-time) course since 2007 with an intake of 15 students. The duration of the M.Phil. program shall be one year consisting of two semesters.
  •  Ph.D. Microbiology
  •  Regulations
  • The Department of Microbiology is offering Ph.D. Microbiology (Full-time/Part-time) course since 1994. The duration of the Ph.D. program shall be minimum three to maximum five years consisting of three course work papers. There are five eminent faculties offering excellent opportunities for research in thrust areas of Microbiology such as Medical Microbiology, Microbial Biodiversity and Bioenergy, Rhizosphere Biology, Molecular Evolution of Microorganisms and Bioprocessing Technology.

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