Department of Marine Science


Research Areas

Name of the Faculty Specialization
Dr. R. Arthur James Land – Ocean interaction, Seawater desalination, Marine microbial characterization, Environmental quality control analysis.
Dr. P. Santhanam Marine Plankton Biodiversity and Taxonomy, Marine Copepods Ecology, Molecular Taxonomy, Biology and Culture, Marine and Coastal Hydrology, Marine Live Feeds Culture and Enrichment, Marine microalgae Bio-fuel Production, Marine Plankton Nutrition, Marine Algal Bioremediation, Marine Plankton Biotechnology, Marine Plankton Pharmacology, Marine and Brackishwater Fish Larviculture & Larval Nutrition.
Dr. R. Rajaram DNA Barcoding and Molecular Taxonomy, Ichthyotaxanomy and Biodiversity Conservation, Biofouling and Antifoulant Development, Bioremediation, Bioprospecting and Genomics
Dr. N. Manoharan Marine pharmacology and biochemical studies on marine organisms
Dr. V. Yoganandan Paleoceanography, Climate change impact on marine environment 

Research Grants

No Name Title of the Project Funding Agency Project duration Total Amount
(in Lakhs)
4Dr. R. Arthur James Integrated study on Organochloride Pesticides in Agricultural river basinDST3 years
5Dr. R. Arthur James EIA for Tamiraparani river basinUGC3 years
6Dr. R. Arthur James Biofouling on desalination – Case study with RO plantDBT3 years
7Dr. P. Santhanam Isolation, culture, biochemical characterization and use of marine copepod Euterpina acutifrons for fish larviculture DST3 years
8Dr. P. Santhanam Seasonal composition and abundance of meroplankton from Muthupettai mangrove waters UGC3 years
(2008 – 2011)
9Dr. P. Santhanam Intensive culture and food feasibility of marine copepods for aquacultureDBT2 years
(2008 – 2010)
10Dr. R. Rajaram EIA and bioremediation technology for coastal zone management in Cuddalore coast, Eastcoast of TamilnaduUGC3 years
(2009 – 2012)
11Dr. R. Rajaram Reef associated ichthyofaunal taxonomy through DNA barcoding in Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve, Southeast coast of IndiaDST3 years
12Dr. N. Manoharan Pharmacological Alterations of Aflatoxin Induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment of Coral Calcium and Fucoidan In Albino Wistar RatsUGC3 years

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