Department of Physics


All our graduates including M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars are much sought after by leading research groups and academic institutions all around the world. Many of them have obtained post-doctoral, research/staff and administrative positions in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea, China and U.S.A. etc., as well as in leading universities and colleges in Tamilnadu and in other parts of the country.

To our pride, noted alumni Dr. P. Kolandaivel, is the Vice-Chancellor of Periyar University, Salem.

Dr. P. Manavalan (USA), Dr. P. Thiyagarajan (USA) , Dr. M. Prabakaran (USA), Dr. M. Virudachalam (USA), Dr. A. Anukanth (USA), Dr. R. Bhaskaran (USA), Dr. N. Manivannan (USA), Dr. V. Veerakumar (USA), Dr. E. Elangovan (UAE), Dr. V. Krishnakumar (Germany), Dr. R. Kishor Kumar (Brazil), Dr. T. Kumaravel (Japan), Dr. V. Purushothaman (Saudi Arabia), Dr. P. Justin Jesuraj (South Korea), Dr. P.Velusamy (China) Dr. N. Balamurugan (China) and Dr. N. Renuka (Dubai) all have got scientific, academic and administrative positions in leading universities and laboratories across the globe.

Our former research students have been employed at various level in universities and national laboratories. The partial list include, Dr. S. Rajendran (Alagappa University), Dr. R. Sahadevan (University of Madras), Dr. S. Rajasekar (Bharathidasan University), Dr. S. Parthasarathy (Bharathidasan University), Dr. S. Arumugam (Bharathidasan University), Dr. M. Senthilvelan (Bharathidasan University), Dr. P. Muruganandam (Bharathidasan University), Dr. Michael Gromiha (IIT-Madars), Dr. K. Murali, Professor (Anna University), Dr. K. Jeganathan (Bharathidasan University), Dr. L. Kavitha (Central University of TamilNadu), Dr.R.Ramesh Babu (Bharathidasan University), Dr. D. V. Senthikumar (IISER, Trivandrum), Dr. N. Vijayan (NPL, New Delhi), Dr. K.Sethuraman (Kamaraj University), Dr. S. Manivannan (NIT-T), Dr. J. Ramajothi (Anna University), Dr. T.C. Sabari Girisun (Bharathidasan University), Dr. C. Gopalakrishnan (SRM University), Dr. A. Murugeswari (Anna University) and Dr. K Sangeetha (SASTRA University)

A large number of scholars have been absorbed into collegiate services. The partial list includes Dr. Muthu Palanisamy (JD, School Education), Dr. R. Radha, Dr. R. Muthusamy, Dr. A. Venkatesan, Dr. R. Amuda, Dr. R. Radhakrishnan, Dr. G. Vasuki, Dr. R. Santhakumari, Dr. L. Jothi, Dr. N. Athavan, Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi, Dr. T.V.Sundar, Dr. S. Manikandan, Dr. A. Precilla Jeyakumari, Dr. T. Kanna, Dr. P. Palaniyandi, Dr. V. Vasumathi, Dr. P. S. Bindu, Dr. A. Philominal, Dr. P.Sundara Venkatesh, Dr. S Parthiban, Dr. V. Gokulakrishnan, Dr. S Leela, Dr.T. Balakrishnan, Dr. A. Balamurugan and Dr. R.Ramasamy.

Many of our M.Sc. and M.Phil. students have obtained prestigious positions in administrative, research and academic areas. These include Indian Police Service, Civil Service, Indian Air Force, Corporate officers, Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, IBM, Collegiate Services and Research Institutions.

All other alumnus is requested to send their contact details to update the list.

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