Department of Physics

Awards and recognition

  • S.S. Bhatnagar award
  • Vice-Chancellorship
  • Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Fellow, Germany
  • JSPS Post Doctoral Research Award, Japan
  • Science and Technology Agency Fello (STA), Japan
  • FASc-Chennai academy of Sciences
  • AvH Foundation, Germany - Equipment Subsidy - 20,000 Euro
  • Tamil Nadu Young Scientist Award, TSCST, Tamil Nadu
  • Tamil Nadu Scientist Award (TANSA), TSCST, Tamil Nadu
  • ICTP Associateship, Italy
  • TWAS-UNESCO Associateship award, Italy
  • INSA young scientist, INSA, New Delhi
  • INSA Exchange Fellow, INSA, New Delhi
  • Newton-Bhabha award (DST- Royal Society)
  • Australian National Endeavour Fellow, Australia
  • IAS-Young Associateship, Academy of Sciences
  • Buti Foundation Award for Excellence in Theoretical Physics, New Delhi.

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