Department of Physics


Name of the equipment Make/Model and year
HPC Clusters with computational tools Super Micro, HP & IBM
Physical Property Measurement System - VSM @ 2 K, 9 T, 9 GPa Quantum Design, USA (2008)
Field Emission Scanning Electron microscopy (FESEM) with EDS Carl Zeiss, Sigma (2009)
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Agilent, 5500 (2008)
High Resolution Raman Spectrometer  InVia, Renishaw, UK (2018)
Power X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Rigagu, Ultima III Max, Japan (2017)
Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser (1064 nm, 450mJ, 10 ns) Newport, USA (2008)
HALL system Ecopia, South Korea (2008)
DLS-Zeta potential ZS 90 , Malvern UK (2012)
Particle Size Analyzer  Horiba (2018)
Spectrofluorometer  with time resolved single photon counting FluoroMax-C Horiba (2019)
Solar Simulator with I V Oriel-Newport, US (2015)
Low Temperature Photoluminescence @ 325 nm Horiba, USA (2009)
I V setup with probe station Keitheley 2400 (USA)
Gas Chromatography - GC Shimadzu GC 2014, Japan (2017)
Potentiostat / Cyclic Voltametry Biologic SP 150 (2017)
Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) furnace Labtherm India (2017)
Xenon Lamp Source- 300 W Oriel OPS-A500 (2017)
CCR-TI  (4 – 800 K) -
Chemical Vapour Deposition MTI XTL/MKS, USA (2010)
Thermal/Electron Beam evaporation HHV, 2003
DC/RF magnetron sputtering HHV, 2009
Organic Molecular Evaporation Unit HHV, 2018
Electron Beam evaporation HHV, 2018
Thermal evaporation unit VT Vacuum (2010)
Crystal Growth CZ Puller Vi Micronics, Indigenous (2009)
VGF crystal Growth system Trend Electric & Co, Indigenous (2009)
Bridgman crystal growth unit Vi Micronics, Indigenous (2009)
Planetary Ball milling QM-3SP04 (2010)
100Ton (LYXN, Lawrence & Mayo) and 20 Ton, hydraulic press Riken Kiki, Japan
Semi-automatic Hydraulic Pressure Kimaya-30 TON (2010)
CNC Lathe - 5 Axis Tutor, ACE, Bangalore
Spin coater Apex Instruments (2009)
Source Measure Unit B2901A, Aglient, USA
SEM Sputter coater D1153, HHV, Bangalore
LCR Meter IM3536, Hioki,  Japan (2017)
Langmuir-Blodgett  Thin film Unit Apex instruments (2015)

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